How to uninstall AMP

As a general rule, if you’re experiencing problems with AMP - uninstalling and reinstalling are unlikely to solve your immediate problem. Please make a new support post so someone can help you out :slight_smile:

Be aware that uninstalling AMP will delete your existing AMP game servers and all their data - make sure to make copies of any data you want to keep.


  1. Open the ‘Services’ control panel (Win+R → services.msc → Enter)

  2. Find the AMP-ADS01 service (May be called just AMP-ADS), right click it and Stop the service.

  1. Open the AMP Instance Manager GUI application, and when given the AMP already configured prompt - select “No”

  2. Starting at the bottom, right click each instance in-turn and delete the instance. You will need to stop any running instances before deleting them.

  3. Close the AMP Instance Manager GUI app, and open the Add/Remove programs control panel. Find the “AMP Instance Manager” entry and select Uninstall.

  1. To remove all data (including game servers) delete the AMPDatastore folder. It is usually under C:\ or the largest drive.


  1. Login as your amp user by doing sudo su -l amp.
  2. Run ampinstmgr stopall to shut down AMP.
  3. Login as root, either directly or by doing sudo su
  4. Uninstall the ampinstmgr package using your distributions package manager. E.g. apt remove ampinstmgr or yum remove ampinstmgr
  5. Delete the amp system user along with its home directory.

On Debian/Ubuntu/Similar:

deluser --remove-home amp

On CentOS/Rocky/RHEL and similar:

userdel --remove amp
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