Risk of Rain 2 on Linux does not launch - always installs components

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS

Product Name/Version: AMP v2.3.2.4

Problem Description:

Risk of Rain 2 server will not launch on Linux. It seems to update without issue, but when attempting to launch it will just essentially install components (such as the server itself and Proton) all over again and will not start. It appears to launch with the default cubecoders/ampbase docker image even though xvfb is required for the module.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create Risk of Rain 2 instance (with Docker enabled)
  • Start application instance
  • Update application
  • Start application

Actions taken to resolve so far:

  • I have pulled the latest cubecoders/ampbase:xvfb image (as xvfb is required for the module).
  • I have attempted to set SpecificDockerImage as cubecoders/ampbase:xvfb in both the instances.json and the kvp for the instance module (not at the same time, but independently).
  • I have restarted the whole server.

Additional notes:

  • I have tried to run it outside of Docker, but it resulted in the same behaviour. This is likely due to the absence of xvfb on the host system.
  • I have not changed the LogLevel for the instance yet, but can do so on request if further information/logs needed.

Thanks in advance.

This application isn’t supported in Docker just-yet (it will be in the next update) - running it in Docker relies on features that are only available in the Nightly build of AMP at this time. For now xvfb has to be installed on the host itself. This will change for the next update.

If you’d like to run the application through Proton, for now you will need to run the following and set it to run outside of a docker container, as Mike mentioned.

apt-get install xvfb lib32gcc1

Thanks for the responses. So it’s as I imagined - I will need xvfb on the host system for now, and to run outside Docker. I’ll just wait until the next update rolls out as opposed to installing more packages.

Just setup AMP on Linux and saw the same problem, using the Nightly Build though.
Should this be working before I troubleshoot further?

su: ignoring --preserve-environment, it’s mutually exclusive with --login
[03:07:48] [Core Info] ???: Starting AMP version (Triton), built 27/05/2022 03:00
[03:07:48] [Core Info] ???: Stream: Nightly (Nightly) - built by CUBECODERS/buildbot on CCL-DEV
[03:07:48] [Core Info] ???: Running in a Docker environment.
[03:07:48] [Core Info] ???: OS: Linux / x86_64
[03:07:48] [Core Info] ???: CPU: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-12600 (4C/4T)
[03:07:48] [Core Info] ???: AMP Instance ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[03:07:48] [ModuleLoader Info] ???: Loaded GenericModule version by CubeCoders Limited
[03:07:48] [Core Info] ???: Metrics publishing is enabled at udp://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
[03:07:48] [ModuleLoader Info] ???: Loaded FileManagerPlugin version by CubeCoders Limited
[03:07:48] [ModuleLoader Info] ???: Loaded EmailSenderPlugin version by CubeCoders Limited
[03:07:48] [ModuleLoader Info] ???: Loaded WebRequestPlugin version by CubeCoders Limited
[03:07:48] [ModuleLoader Info] ???: Loaded LocalFileBackupPlugin version by CubeCoders Limited
[03:07:48] [ModuleLoader Info] ???: Loaded CommonCorePlugin version by CubeCoders Limited
[03:07:48] [ModuleLoader Info] ???: GenericModule requests dependency steamcmdplugin…
[03:07:48] [ModuleLoader Info] ???: Loaded steamcmdplugin version by CubeCoders Limited
[03:07:48] [ModuleLoader Info] ???: GenericModule requests dependency RCONPlugin…
[03:07:48] [ModuleLoader Info] ???: Loaded RCONPlugin version by CubeCoders Limited
[03:07:48] [Core Info] ???: Licence Present: AMP Professional Edition (Licenced to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
[03:07:48] [FileManager Notice] ??: Using keypair with fingerprint xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[03:07:48] [FileManager Info] ???: SFTP Server started on
[03:07:48] [WebServer Info] ???: Websockets are enabled.
[03:07:49] [WebServer Info] ???: Webserver started on
[03:07:49] [Logger Warning] ???: RouterTimer@10Hz with 2 jobs started
[03:07:49] [Core Info] ???: Checking for AMP updates…
[03:07:53] [Core Info] ???: AMP is up-to-date.
[03:07:55] [RemoteAMPAuth:Anonymous Activity] : Authentication attempt for user admin from
[03:07:56] [RemoteAMPAuth:Anonymous Activity] : Authentication success
[03:08:02] [API:admin Activity] ??: Starting the application.
[03:08:02] [Generic:admin Info] ??: Required system-level tool ‘/usr/bin/xvfb-run’ does not exist. Aborting startup.

I’m actually working this minute on getting it working in Docker. There’s a problem though. The devs released an update today that broke the dedicated server completely. As in not an AMP issue, the servers just don’t work right now. So I’m struggling to test if this works since I can’t actually connect in game. Lol

The updated config should be done tomorrow and placed on GH.

Turns out the issue is with cross-play. I disabled that in my client and everything works fine now.

From what I remember, crossplay requires both host and client to have it set. If you set on both, does it still work?

Do you have the setting for that? I don’t see it documented anywhere.

My apologies. Seems like it may only be applicable to P2P games and not dedicated. I know if P2P is enabled on the client, last time I checked, it was not possible to join Steam lobbies and dedicated servers.

No worries! I asked on their Discord just to be sure and they confirmed the dedicated servers are Steam only right now.

Docker support added with this PR: