IIS as reverse proxy for AMP

OS Name/Version: Windows Server Datacenter 2022 10.0.20348

Product Name/Version: AMP Release “Decadeus” v2.4.6.6, built 05/10/2023 11:56

Problem Description: I’m setting up HTTPS with IIS as reverse proxy, following this post: Setting up URL Rewrite Reverse Proxy for AMP and IIS

I have done:
Created the new subdomain, added a certifacte to it in IIS an thats working. I copied the url rewrite rule and it gets accepted, but…

My first Problem:

If necessary, change the ADS link which in our case is localhost:8080 also change amp.example. com to the public domain you want to access the ADS Instance.

There is no amp.example. com in the rewrite rule which i could change to my domain. I assume its not needed because of <match url="(.*)" ?

Second Problem:

Setting up ASD Instance, there are few settings you need to change in the AMPConfig.conf
change from Webserver.UsingReverseProxy=False to Webserver.UsingReverseProxy=True which enables AMP to be able to work on Reverse Proxy without issues and last but definitely not least Webserver.ReverseProxyHost= to Webserver.ReverseProxyHost=amp.example. com (amp.example. com is your domain)

I cant set Webserver.ReverseProxyHost to a domain. It seems to only accept ip adresses.

So as an result I only get 500 - Internal server error on my subdomain which I created for amp.

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