Fivem AMP Instances are broken

The Issue :lady_beetle:

The FiveM template can use some updates, its very buggy and doesn’t work properly

  1. You can’t backup the server
    it simply doesn’t work no matter how hard you try
    even forcing it won’t help
  2. logging issues (console blank, console not updating, console lagging)
    it’s happening all the time if the server is empty or online 24/7
  3. You can’t change the sets PoweredBy "AMP by CubeCoders -"
    there is a config issue, and it will not update the user.cfg is hard coded
    I don’t have problems with giving you ©credit, AMP is a fantastic tool that helps us a lot but players confuse this and think that you are the host… :rofl:

So far these are the issues, we and many users have encountered using AMP & Fivem.
There is no log, or any other information because these issues are reported on discord
this post sums up some of the issues with multiple server admins reporting them over and over on discord.

I might take a look at the template and fix it if it’s open-sourced on the GitHub repo…