Can't see instances if I login with SSL

Hey, I followed that guide here: Setting up URL Rewrite Reverse Proxy for AMP and IIS

SSL works great, but my instances are invisible if I login - but only with SSL. If I access the site with http, my instances are visible again. Can someone help me please?


Is there anything in the browsers F12 error console? (Make sure it’s open before logging in)

Yes, there are many errors to see:

Looks like a bad configuration, open a browser on the server itself and go to:

And see what error it gives you.

I used the translation from microsoft edge because the site is in german. I hope it’s still readable for you:

Shut down AMP and go to AMPConfig.conf for the ADS01 instance and make the following change:


Then start it back up and let me know what happens.

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It finally works!! Thank you so much! May I ask you what “Webserver.DisableCompression” is used for?

What IIS is complaining about is AMPs use of gzip compression for static content. So DisableCompression does pretty much what it says on the tin, stops AMP from compressing its responses from the web server.

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Thanks for the explanation. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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