Cant access port 8081 for advance config of Minecraft

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OS Name/Version: Windows 10 Pro

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Problem Description: so im under the impression that there are 2 different sections to amp the main section were you build servers and then another one on port 8081 were you can manage things like the jar versions and whitelist and other things like quick settings in Minecraft (well after installing amp and paying 40$ for the license and setting up 4 Minecraft servers i cant seam to figure this out and would love some support if possible. the panel im refrencing is in this video link at time stamp 4:33 (1214) AMP + Minecraft - What I Needed to Know - YouTube

That video is 5 years old, so I’m not sure how that holds up.
To explain, the main AMP panel is on port 8080 and accessible from any other machine on your local network, then any instance ports (8081 for example) are bound to localhost, which means they are inaccessible from outside the computer that’s running AMP.
The main web panel can be used to manage all your instances, I’m not quite sure why you need port 8081 specifically. If you want to manage an instance in a new tab, you can just right click an instance and hit Manage in new tab.

Note: you do not see any game-specific settings until you manage an instance.

i found out what the issue was apparently 8081 in that video is just the configuration page (i kept over looking that page and thinking it was the main amp server settings not the minecraft settings) only issue i’m experincing now is turning the server into offl ine mode due to using bungeecord

You can find that setting under Server Settings, labeled Standalone Server.
You should be able to search “bungeecord” in the upper right to find the setting.

that fixed my issue, my only other issue i’m fighting with is permissions it keeps giving me this error when i try to make another account and give it roles

photo of roles and permissions for user

You need add the Manage permission for that specific instance at the ADS (main panel) level. The permissions are in a bit of a two-part setup, I’d suggest taking a read through here, it’ll explain it better than I can:

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