ARK: Survival Evolved - FAQ

Note: This article assumes that the CubeCoders official module (which is now legacy) is being used for ARK. See this guide if using the newer “Generic” template.

I like to collect some FAQs here and to take some helpful notes
They will develop over time

The official ARK wiki is hosted on previous it was hosted on
I do not know if fandom gets updates so please stick to

If you are on windows and your freshly created server crashes on startup you are missing some dependencies.

  • Option 1:

    • let steam desktop install one ark dedicated server - steam desktop will check the dependency
  • Option 2: download & install them yourself


:small_blue_diamond:The messages Server received, But no response!! are totally normal - just ignore it like other SPAM

:small_blue_diamond: Console commands

:small_blue_diamond: Server configuaration

:small_blue_diamond: Portforwarding

per server UDP 7777 & 27015 (next instance +1)
(the raw UDP socket 7778 and the launch parm ?bRawSockets is not required anymore, removed since v311.78)

:small_blue_diamond: Server admin

As a security feature AMP generates at each server start a random server admin password - there is no way to change that!

therefore you can and should use Steam64ID based admin whitelisting:

:small_blue_diamond: Official map names

TheIsland, TheCenter, ScorchedEarth_P, Ragnarok, Aberration_P, Extinction, Valguero_P, CrystalIsles, Genesis, Gen2, LostIsland, Fjordur

:small_blue_diamond: ARK Mods

:small_blue_diamond: EPIC Games

It seems that you need to specify you public IP: -PublicIPForEpic=<IPAddress>
DynIP is therefore a pain…

:small_blue_diamond: Clustering

When deploying multiple ARK server you may want to share their Content folder to save some (~15GB w/o mods) storage space by symlinking the Content folder

:warning: WARNING :warning:

Before updating any instance make sure every ark server is stopped and then let one instance update the server.

Otherwise that could break all local ARK instances

Automatic updates of the server should not be configured - you may want to configure a notification that a update is available.

This guide is currently only for linux

# Run the following commands as the amp user.
# This guide requires at least two fresh ARK instances where the server was not downloaded yet
# Replace ARK01 with your primary ARK instance name (as shown in ~/.ampdata/instances/ NOT the “friendly name”) that will host the server content files.
# Replace ARK02 with your second ARK instance name that will access the contend files of the primary server
# If you plan to use mods at your server you only need to do the first command here:

mkdir ~/.ampdata/instances/${LINKEDINSTANCE}/arkSE/
mkdir ~/.ampdata/instances/${LINKEDINSTANCE}/arkSE/376030/
mkdir ~/.ampdata/instances/${LINKEDINSTANCE}/arkSE/376030/ShooterGame/
mkdir ~/.ampdata/instances/${SOURCEINSTANCE}/arkSE/376030/ShooterGame/
mkdir ~/.ampdata/instances/${SOURCEINSTANCE}/arkSE/376030/ShooterGame/Content/
ln -s ~/.ampdata/instances/${SOURCEINSTANCE}/arkSE/376030/ShooterGame/Content/   ~/.ampdata/instances/${LINKEDINSTANCE}/arkSE/376030/ShooterGame/

# After this you can let the first instance download the server
# If this is complete let the other instance update itself (it will verify the downloaded files from the source instance)