AMP Update to support new Q3 Product Tiers

Later this week, we’ll be rolling out another AMP update to support the new Product Tiers that were announced in August.

There are going to be a few changes to the installation process as a result:

  • ADS will prompt for a licence key earlier in the process for the first-time setup so that it can tailor the setup experience depending on which features you have access to. The options for controller/target modes for example won’t show on Standard edition, that question will be skipped entirely since it won’t be applicable.

  • The ‘RequireActivation’ setting has been removed. It no longer serves any useful purpose as the previous behaviour that meant ADS didn’t need activating no longer applies.

  • ADS will need activating for all installations above Standard Edition, but won’t consume an activation slot (This may not initially be reflected in the licence manager, but our system is aware of this)

  • Users of Network Standard will see the name changed within AMP and the licencing system to Advanced Edition. Users of the existing (5 instance) version of Professional Edition won’t see any changes.

During the transition over the next few days, you may see some slight weirdness where AMP reports itself as being a different edition from what the Licence Manager says. Don’t worry - it’ll all sort itself out over this week.