AMP 'Triton' Release Notes

AMP ‘Triton’ Release Notes

This is a fairly major update including significant new features. Because of API incompatibilities this release is not forwards/backwards compatible with previous AMP releases. This means that the whole of AMP has to be upgraded rather than just parts of it.

The easiest way to update (For both Windows and Linux) is to open a shell/command prompt and run:

ampinstmgr upgradeall

You can find the full guide on upgrading AMP here: How to update AMP to the latest version · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub

New Features

New Game: V Rising

Another excellent community contribution, this time by Tempus Thales - this update brings support for V Rising on Windows. Linux support will be available once the developer releases a Linux version of the server.

New Game: Conan Exiles

Previously a work in progress, this configuration by IceOfWraith, Greelan and eNcrypt is now shipping!

Automated wipes in Rust

AMP now supports automatic wipes in Rust via the scheduler. This also includes an option to randomly generate a new world seed to keep worlds fresh via automation.

Arbitary port definitions

AMP can now accomodate applications that require any number of ports necessary when using the Generic module. This allows a greater deal of flexibility when adding applications to AMP that require multiple ports. It also means that AMP is also protocol aware for Generic when using the new system instead of assuming every port is used for both TCP and UDP.

The new ports system is backwards-compatible so existing configurations will continue to work, but only new configurations benefit from the new system.

This system is also more extensible, and in a near-future update will gain the ability to support port ranges and offsets.

Meta Overlay Manifests (Beta)

This Enterprise-only feature allows hosts to more easily add custom content to new AMP instances by having AMP download a manifest file that contains URLs for archives AMP is to extract, either for all instances and/or on a per-module basis. This allows for hosts to update their branding for example without access to their customers file systems. Documentation for this will follow in the wiki in due course.

Automatic UPnP Sync (Beta, Windows Only)

Disabled by default and only applies to brand new installations due to a required modification to the installer, this feature allows AMP to automatically sync with a UPnP compatible router to automatically port forward for applications managed by AMP. This feature may come to Linux in a future update but we anticipate it being more useful for Windows users.

Configuration ‘Includes’ for generic templates.

Some of the settings in Generic templates are large JSON blobs that can be a little impractical to work with once flattened down to be included in a configuration template.

Now, when ADS loads in these templates there is support for an @IncludeJson[filename.json] directive that will include the contents of that JSON file as the value. It will automattically flatten and minify it so the final created instance works as expected. This only applies to the ADS side of things and isn’t used in GenericModule.kvp itself. The json must be in the same directory as the template that regerences it and no subdirectories/traversal is permitted.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed it not being possible to have a brand new user with both mandatory 2FA and a password change requirement. Now both stages complete properly.
  • Fixed updating Bedrock, previously had some issues with certain files being incorrectly overwritten.
  • Fixed endpoint handling to correctly produce endpoints for Generic module applications and to be able to re-produce them after initial creation.
  • Fixed SteamCMD updates not reporting a failure when a login is required. This fixes Generic modules with multiple update stages that need to halt if the Steam stage fails rather than trying to carry on.
  • Fixed not being able to use $MaxUsers as a setting in Generic to be passed to a configuration file due to AMP reserving $MaxUsers internally. AMP now accomodates this circumstance.

Other Changes

  • Updated the Purpur API location so AMP can fetch Purpur again.
  • Updated GetAMP to use the new Adoptium repositories.
  • Updated configurations for Eco and Project Zomboid.
  • Tmux is no longer used to run AMP instances. This was originally the case because there was an intention to allow user interaction with AMP via the console, but since this never happened then this has been removed and it should consequently solve some issues surrounding console escaping. This has been reverted for now pending further review.
  • Added ‘Temurin’ to recognised JDK variants.
  • Changed default ADS instance start delay from 20s to 5s.

OOF i literally just installed it like 3 days before this

AMP Release Notes

  • New Games: Core Keeper, HurtWorld, Xonotic. Seven days to die re-added as a Generic module, deprecating the original module.
  • A raft of UI improvements and tweaks, especially in ADS and in the Scheduler.
  • Updated the Scheduler to add a “Nth [Day] of each month” trigger. E.g. “On the second tuesday of each month”. Useful for wipes etc.
  • Updated V Rising configuration, includes more settings and better monitoring. Adds formal Linux support.
  • Fixed a stall in ampinstmgr which could make it slow to respond to some commands.
  • Extra Generic functionality such as extracting archives and a session ID capture group.
  • Fixed a bug where older Generic instances that had their ports automatically migrated would not re-update those ports if you edited the ports from the old setup.
  • Implemented RCON Heartbeat to help with some RCON disconnection issues.
  • Updated internal packages used for SFTP.
  • Changed ‘SetStartBoot’ in AIM to not be a toggle.

Also adds The Isle EVRIMA and Docker support for Risk of Rain 2. I know some were waiting for that. :slight_smile:

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Hi, What are the new V Rising settings? I compared this with the old version and I can’t find any new setting.


Have you made a new instance? Existing instances don’t get the new configuration.

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I see it now, thank you. It’s a very good improvement.

  • New Games: Core Keeper, HurtWorld, Xonotic. Seven days to die re-added as a Generic module, deprecating the original module.

Thank you for including Xonotic. Looking forward to test it out on AMP.

My current local Xonotic folder is 6.6GB and I compile from source, not including all the maps in cache. ~15GB is probably a safe bet on how much space it uses for a full autobuild install.

@Greelan provided that config! He does amazing work.

Thank you for the tip, and thank you @Greelan for your contributions. Good work!

@Greelan … thank you for the Xonotic module.

Though, there might be an issue with permissions?

When I try to update it:

When set to “stable” it downloads the as it should, but not in autobuild:


It creates the Xonotic folder:

root@amp-minecraft:~# ls -al /home/amp/.ampdata/instances/FAFXON/xonotic/
total 967836
drwxr-xr-x 3 amp amp      4096 Jun 19 12:40 .
drwx------ 8 amp amp      4096 Jun 19 12:40 ..
drwxr-xr-x 3 amp amp      4096 Jun 10 10:53 Xonotic
-rw------- 1 amp amp 991045679 Jun 19 12:40

It looks like it fails on “Set Executable Flag” ???

I do compile my own Xonotic, but I’m curious about the default process of your module.

The server is fully updated:


I also looked at the AMPTemplates/xonoticconfig.json at main · CubeCoders/AMPTemplates · GitHub

        "DisplayName":"Server Release Stream",
        "Category":"Server Settings",
        "Description":"Sets Stable or Autobuild (nightly) release stream. Needs \"Server Version\" set as well. NOTE: Update the server after changing this setting!",

Does not look like the stable version is in a subdirectory?

Do you think that it creates issues?

Thank you for your time.

Show me your server release stream and server version settings

OS	Linux
Platform	Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
System Type	x86_64
Virtualization	QEMU_KVM
Module	GenericModule
Loaded Plugins	FileManagerPlugin, EmailSenderPlugin, WebRequestPlugin, LocalFileBackupPlugin, CommonCorePlugin
Application Name	AMP
Application Version
Release Stream	Release
Build Date	16/06/2022 16:08

I mean in the Server Settings menu in the Xonotic instance

And what you see in the json file is just part of the URL that is used in the kvp to download. The xonotic at the end is not a dir, but part of the zip name

Are the files being extracted OK?

Could download it in stable, true. No extraction of files! I can do it manually though.

Sorry, you are confusing me. What exactly is not working?