AMP specific initialisms and acronyms

Initials Meaning Description
ADS Application Deployment Service The AMP module that is responsible for creating and managing other AMP instances.
AIM AMP Instance Manager The command-line tool ampinstmgr for creating and managing AMP instances on the command line.
AMP Application Management Panel This software!
APIGen API Generator An AMP tool that generates code for interacting with the AMP API from other applications
FBP File backup plugin The AMP plugin that allows for creating/restoring/managing backups
FM File Manager The AMP plugin that allows uploading/downloading files via the web interface
FTS First Time Setup The wizard that users are presented the first time they configure AMP.
IMP Instance Manager Plugin The AMP plugin that contains LIM/RIM and used by ADS/AIM
KVP Key-Value Pair A configuration file format used by AMP. Uses the syntax of Section.Key=Value
LIM Local Instance Manager An internal AMP component common to both ADS and AIM.
RCON Remote CONsole A common protocol for connecting to and controlling servers.
RIM Remote Instance Manager A internal AMP component used by ADS to manage remove instances on another ADS instance.
SUM System User Manager An internal AMP component/plugin used to query information about OS-level users.
VDS Virtual Directory Service A component of the file manager for providing fake/virtual directories within the file manager. Usually used as a kind of ‘software-defined symlink’ to show arbitrary external directories inside the file manager.