AMP 'Decadeus' 2.4.6 Release Notes

AMP ‘Decadeus’ 2.4.6 Release Notes

This update is the last AMP update that will support legacy platforms - users of older OSs are strongly encouraged to update promptly.

These release notes were AI generated as an experiment into streamlining the update process.

AMP Core Enhancements

  • Smoother Version Check: We’ve ironed out some wrinkles when checking for the installed version of ampinstmgr.
  • Notification Management: The ‘Dismiss All’ button for notifications is now up and running again.
  • LDAP Support: Improvements have been made to LDAP support, but we’re still finetuning it to avoid anonymous queries.
  • New Insightful Feature: Keep an eye on Port status directly from the UI – giving you more control and visibility.
  • Fresh New Theme: Introducing “To Boldly Go” – a design that inspires adventure and exploration.

Module Improvements

  • [SRCDS] Player Connection: We now adeptly handle cases where a joining player’s IP address value is present but invalid.
  • [Generic] External IP Handling: The bug that caused TryGetExternalIP() to return null has been fixed. It now returns a placeholder value if something goes wrong.
  • [ADS] Support Notifications: Keep informed with end-of-support notices for distributions that will be phased out in the next update.
  • [ADS] Datastore Priorities: Now respecting datastore priority for normal instance creation, not just template deployments.
  • [ADS] Improved Instance Creation: Disabled datastores will no longer appear in the Create Instance screen, streamlining the process.

Instance Manager Updates

  • CLI - Startup Order: When using StartAll, ADS now starts last to prevent conflicts, as it may try to start instances right after it starts.
  • CLI - Firewall Clarity: SyncFirewall provides a clear message if no changes are required because your firewall is already up-to-date.
  • GUI - Update Notice: We’ve temporarily hidden the Update notice, as the GUI doesn’t fully support the new update system yet.
  • ADS - Docker Image Visibility: The docker image used for an instance is now clearly visible in the UI.
  • Extra Dependencies Installation: You can now install extra dependencies inside containers, based on information from the instance manifest.

These updates focus on enhancing usability, stability, and flexibility, making AMP’s central interface more intuitive and responsive to your needs. If you have any questions about this new release, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

// The above release notes were AI generated, the human original version is below //

AMP Core

  • Fixed some issues surrounding checking for the installed version of ampinstmgr.
  • Fixed ‘Dismiss All’ not working for notifications.
  • Improved LDAP support, but still needs some work to avoid use of anonymous queries.
  • New Feature: Port status in UI.
  • New Theme: “To Boldly Go”.

Module Changes

  • [SRCDS] Handle situation where a joining player has an IP address value, but it’s not a valid IP.
  • [Generic] Fixed a bug where TryGetExternalIP() would return null. If it fails for any reason it now returns a valid (placeholder) value.
  • [ADS] Added end-of-support notices for distros that will stop working in the next update.
  • [ADS] Fixed datastore priority not being respected for normal instance creation (as opposed to template deployments)
  • [ADS] No longer shows diabled datastores in the Create Instance screen.

Instance Manager

  • CLI - When using StartAll, ADS is started last because ADS may try to start instances once it starts, which can cause conflicts.
  • CLI - SyncFirewall shows a more explicit message that no changes are required if the firewall is already up-to-date.
  • GUI - Removed the Update notice temporarily since the GUI doesn’t fully support the new update system.
  • ADS - The docker image used for an instance is now exposed to the UI.
  • Add ability to install extra dependencies inside containers based on information from instance manifest.

Patch 20230809.1

  • Fixed SFTP auth provider not showing the correct reason for authentication failures in the logs.
  • SFTP server logs more errors to help diagnose issues.
  • Fixed VFS throwing an exception on TrashDirectory when consumed by SFTP, which broke SFTP in unpredictable ways.
  • Processor detection now tolerates multiple CPUs that are of different models. Fixes startup on Orange Pi and similar systems whose BIG.little architecture uses different platforms (A76/A55) for the high/low power cores.
  • Fixed location of fonts for use in new To Boldy Go theme.


This update is a minor release functionally, but is built on a new build platform that uses a newer kernel and system libraries. As such, support for older Linux distributions such as Debian 8, Ubuntu 18.04 or CentOS 7 has ended and AMP no longer runs on these platforms.

The new build system is based on Debian 10, which marks the minimum supported version for AMP at this time. Similarly, CentOS Stream / Rocky / AlmaLinux / RHEL all require version 8 or newer. 20.04 LTS becomes the minimum supported Ubuntu version.

  • Updated build base - breaks compatibility with older distributions, but fixes support for newer distributions and newer kernels.
  • Fixed external IP resolution - now uses IPv4 lookups only.
  • Fixed crash if version information couldn’t be obtained. Now fails gracefully.
  • Fixed inability to configure instances that didn’t have a container image specified.


This release fixes a number of issues with both the file manager and SFTP, offering significant performance improvements when downloading using the in-browser file manager especially. It also fixes an issue that could cause the interface to stall out when uploading large numbers of files in a single job using Direct mode uploads.

Also included is support for the new AMP editions, as well as a number of tweaks to the first-time setup process to accommodate this.

  • Fixed intermittent errors uploading files via SFTP due to session handling issues.
  • Fixed performance issues downloading files via API mode
  • Fixed browser stall when uploading lots of files in a single job in direct mode because they were all being processed concurrently rather than serially.
  • Added support for new ‘Standard Edition’ licence and renamed/moved other licence tiers as appropriate.

Patch 20230907.1

  • Fixed target setups in the first-time wizard not applying the settings.
  • Tweaked licenced features handling so AMP is not constantly trying to query the local licencing system for information. Now they are pre-enumerated and calculated less often.
  • Updated LDAP authentication to have two new settings - LDAPQueryUsername and LDAPQueryPassword - and those credentials are used to perform lookups rather than the user that is being logged in as. The password is stored encrypted once AMP starts up.
  • Added a ‘Stop if empty’ schedulable task to CommonCore.
  • Add special handling for ‘URL’ input types so that URLs with spaces (%20 v.s. +) are encoded correctly.
  • Fixed bad parameter ordering causing a users password to be set as their email address when deploying users from templates.
  • Normalise use of Port/Port Number in setting descriptions.