AMP 'Decadeus' 2.4.3 Release Notes

AMP ‘Decadeus’ 2.4.2 Release Notes

This release is a major update, with significant new features and enhancements - with changes in just about every single component in AMP.

The easiest way to update (For both Windows and Linux) is to open a shell/command prompt and run:

ampinstmgr upgradeall

You can find the full guide on upgrading AMP here: How to update AMP to the latest version

10 Years of CubeCoders!

This update commemorates 10 years of CubeCoders! In honour of this occasion, we’ve slapped together a swanky new theme for you all to enjoy. Select it from the Theme setting and do a force refresh to get that purply goodness!

New Features

Setting Links

The descriptions of settings can now include links to other settings that when clicked, take you directly to that setting. Very useful when two settings are closely related or depend on each other.

Schedule Toggles

As you can see in the preview screenshot above, you can now toggle on/off schedule triggers! This lets you temporarily pause and resume specific triggers without having to remove and re-do everything.

Display Hostnames

This new feature accommodates situations where AMP isn’t reasonably able to correctly guess what hostname should be presented to users. This setting lets you set this for a given target and all instances within it. This affects things like the Connect to Server button and the SFTP server links.

Dismiss all notifications

If you’ve had a pile of notifications pile up while you were away, dismissing them all could be annoying or required you to restart that instance entirely. Now there’s a convenient ‘Dismiss All’ button that does it all in go.

The height of the notifications area has also been limited and is scrollable to avoid large numbers of notifications dominating the display.

Resource monitoring display in Docker

Previously, even when resource limits such as a memory limit were imposed on a Docker container, the AMP instance within it was still aware of the amount installed on the host and assumed that to be the limit when displaying metrics. This now behaves in a more intuitive manner and shows the container limits that the application will be limited to.

ARM64/aarch64 resource monitoring

In previous releases, ARM systems could not show some resource metrics due to differences in how things like the number of CPU cores were reported. AMP now understands this difference in behaviour and accommodates it.

Permissions system updates

A few changes have been made to the permissions system. Namely that users created inside an instance can no longer see any users that were created outside that instance when they look at the list of users.

Other Changes

  • Search results for settings no longer show markdown links as their markdown, and instead just shows the text, ignoring the URL.
  • Search results no longer try and show hidden settings that aren’t accessible to the user.
  • Fixed the container notice being incorrectly shown for applications that support containers, but that don’t outright require/recommend them.
  • Fixed update stages stalling on certain types of long-running tasks.
  • Browsing a directory in SFTP that contains a file whose name contains a backslash will no longer prevent you from seeing files in that directory (but the file with the slash in its name will not be visible)
  • Fixed an issue where update stages might run out-of-order
  • Fixed a handful of issues with BattleEye RCON (although some sporadic issues may remain)
  • Fixed an issue where failing to sleep could cause AMP to stall entirely because the status wasn’t checked.
  • Fixed the CreateFile update stage not honouring the OverwriteExistingFiles flag correctly.
  • Fixed PreStartStages not being filtered based on OS.
  • API change - Parameter names are no longer case sensitive.
  • Permissions system change - Users can no longer add users to a role if they do not already have every single permission within that role.
  • Fixed an issue where AMP startup could stall if the external IP address could not be resolved promptly.
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to remove a target from a controller if the target was offline.
  • Fixed an issue where if using BypassController - plugins were not loaded on target ADS instances which made instances unmanageable with the default configuration.
  • BattlEye and SourceRCON clients now tolerate bad packets and just try to carry on rather than dropping the connection on a bad packet.
  • Added an additional Bedrock Version fallback for Linux systems.
  • Updated Rust module to include new Query port.
  • Updated URLs for FiveM module updates.
  • Bad certificates for web server will actually prompt AMP to shut down and trigger diagnostics rather than sitting there doing nothing.
  • Fixed not being able to trash files/directories that don’t have a matching directory structure within Trash already.
  • Fixed a crash on shutdown when AMP tries to end all existing sessions where some of those sessions don’t have associated Websocket sessions.
  • Miscellaneous UI tweaks and improvements.
  • Fixed a divide by 0 error if number of cores/threads is reported as 0. This will never report below 1 now even if something goes wrong.
  • ADS waits for a full init when logging in rather than a fast-init - normally fast is fine but because of the delay in getting instance information, this change avoids a jarring pop when the instances load.
  • ADS instances lazy-load their background images and fade them in nicely as you scroll down the list. Much nicer to look at rather than images jumping in randomly.
4 Likes Release Notes

This update is mostly to fix issues in, but does include some minor new features and QoL improvements.

  • ADS no longer shows deprecated/legacy apps by default on the Create Instance screen. A new setting has been added to allow showing them for anyone who still needs them.
  • Clicking “Fetch Latest” in ADS to get the latest application configurations now refreshes the list in-browser immediately rather than requiring a browser refresh.
  • Implemented WorkshopInstallDir for Generic so that the Steam plugin knows where Steam Workshop content should be downloaded on a per-game basis.
  • Implemented fast task dismissal for running tasks that the user doesn’t really need to know about.
  • Fixed notification area layout issues.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the backup provider to crash if trying to restore an invalid ZIP file.
  • Fixed an issue where changing an instance between docker/non-docker didn’t shut down the instance before making the change, making the instance unmanageable.
  • Fixed not being able to refresh Generic configurations on remote targets.
  • Fixed ‘ApplyTemplate’ not working for modern templates based on app profiles.
  • Changed command line flags for dictionary value sets.
  • Added ‘standalone server’ setting to Minecraft settings.
  • Implemented rapid-startup failure handling to srcds.
  • Fixed Black Mesa server startup.
  • Support Base64 encoding for passwords. Solves the issue of not allowing complex passwords during setup.
  • Windows installer can now install C++ Runtimes automatically.
  • Disable anonymous login for all appid 90 apps in Steam.
  • Library and package updates.
  • LDAP authentication now correctly includes the user-specific role as well as added roles.
  • Updating an instance no longer updates any part of the generic configuration, only the “Refresh Configuration” option does now. Release Notes

AMP - while in some ways a point release with relatively few API changes, this update has a large number of bug fixes and behavioural improvements.

AMP Core

  • Twitter has been removed entirely throughout AMP. It no longer appers in the login screen or anywhere else.
  • Google Analytics has been removed entirely, and replaced with Sensible Analytics - which is self-hosted by CubeCoders so your data doesn’t go to third parties.
  • Many improvements to the licencing system to reduce the probability of unintended deactivations while AMP is running.
  • Allows configuration values to be set on the command line using base64 encoding to cope with values that contain special characters.
  • Fixed ‘Forgot Password’ branding option not behaving.
  • Significantly expanded range of values that can be localized.
  • Setting providers now all write to a temporary file first to avoid data loss if a save fails for some reason (such as a lack of disk space) - a .old version is also kept for safety.
  • Analytics opt-in/out setting is now just a reglar setting that can be accessed via the UI and not just during the first time setup.
  • LDAP auth now tries to figure out context information by itself if that information isn’t available via DNS/DC.
  • LDAP auth now includes user-specific roles as well as added roles.
  • Globally swapped Github knowledge base articles to use the new support board KB, along with tracking info.
  • Tollerate bad characters in PATH rather than failing when trying to look up the location of system tools.
  • Fixed session tracking when switching between sync/async contexts. Fixes all kinds of permissions issues within AMP.
  • Implemented settings to set upper/lower limits to numeric settings on a per-setting basis (Enterprise/Black edition only)
  • Resetting a users login details also resets their 2FA/Token settings.
  • Fixed users setting settings that they don’t have permission to change if the setting is set to be read-only (They couldn’t change it previously, it was just a display issue)
  • Fixed webserver crash if bad HTTPS certificate is provided (drops down to plain HTTP)
  • Quickstart turns on MapAllPluginStores earlier in the process to avoid issues with unloaded plugins that ADS might depend on.
  • McMyAdmin 3 option has been flagged as ‘deprecated’ because it’s not relevant to most users.
  • Reduced amount of locking on logger to avoid stalls.
  • More error messages include links to relevant documentation/KB articles.

ADS / Instance Manager

  • Requires that paths are fully rooted when adding datastores.
  • Provides more helpful feedback in response to common user mistakes.
  • Prevented instances from being in an inconsistent state by the user attempting to start/restart an instance mid-update.
  • Refreshing an instances configuration also does a pull from the repo(s) so you get the latest version regardless.
  • Re-implemented “Deploy Template” feature to allow all options to be set. Really helpful for debugging purposes.
  • Analytics is now enabled by default during installation since it no longer sends data to any third parties.
  • Allow generic configuraitions to be marked as deprecated.
  • Fixed platform compatibility for steamcmd based apps not being honoured. (Fixes Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop being shown as Linux compatible when it’s not)
  • Avoid scary looking output when plugin resolution fails on the command line (Because it’s not a big deal)
  • More error feedback across the board.
  • Fixed ApplyTemplate not functioning properly on Generic Instance apps.
  • Added kebab menu to instances to handle iOSs lack of push-and-hold for right click.
  • Added new setting to show deprecated configurations/options for instance creation.

Generic Module

  • Update and pre-start stages can now be arch specific (x86_64 vs aarch64)
  • Fixed an unbounded loop in SendSignal that could crash AMP if an application failed to shut down.
  • IOREDIR is now ignored in Docker instances since it’s not necessary as the home directory is already redirected.

File Manager

  • Brand new file transfer logic in API mode that should be faster and more reliable. Does file-level jobs rather than chunk-level jobs.
  • Disabled outdated SFTP ciphers and added option to toggle SFTP compression.
  • Tolerate a bad Base URL setting. Previously an invalid URL would kill the file manager.
  • Failed file uploads no longer delete the original file. The original is only moved once the replacement is completely uploaded.
  • Fixed direct mode transfers being used when they shouldn’t API mode is now the default for all remote instances.
  • Avoid unnecessary seeks on file chunk uploads. Speeds up transfers.

Other Changes

  • [Minecraft] Updated Forge update URLs
  • [FiveM] Updated update URLs and checks.
  • [SteamCMD] Steam guard prompt now times out after 60 seconds, fixes an issue where automated updates might stall forever because nobody gets the notice to provide a stem guard code.
  • [GetAMP] No longer has any restriction on password complexity thanks to the new base64 value support. Release Notes

This is a minor point update that includes some minor bug fixes and library updates. But with one major feature update:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented editing config files in AMPs file editor that have really long lines.
  • Updated ACE editor to the latest version.
  • Plugins can now load additional scripts asynchronously rather than requiring a callback.
  • Added stub entries into Generic Meta config for ConfigVersion, ReleaseNotes, BreakingReleaseNotes
  • Fixed OS name detection on Windows
  • Fixed add Scheduler trigger window not being able to be dismissed.
  • Fixed AMP not fetching the latest config versions on start.
  • Improved logging around AMP startup modes.
  • Major feature change: Improved localisation support throughout the entirety of AMPs core and interface. Documentation to follow. Release Notes

This is a bugfix and hotfix release only.

  • Library updates for SFTP and Amazon S3 components
  • New template deploy UI needs a username check if the option to pick an existing user is selected.
  • Fixed container memory policy showing wrong value in UI
  • Added additional callbacks in DeployTemplate
  • Add DeployTemplate callbacks include the new/original instance tag ID to help identify the source.
  • Fixed Docker detection and memory limit display in Dockerised instances.
  • Fixed analytics stalls after upgrades.