3rd Party AMP plugins and bots list

Note: These plugins are not reviewed or endorsed by CubeCoders. We cannot make any claim as to their quality, safety or security. Users should use them solely at their own risk. CubeCoders are not responsible for any damage caused to your system(s) as a result of using these packages.

Name Description Link
AMP Discord Bot A full featured Discord bot plugin for AMP that can be used to display the server status along with the ability to manage the server directly from Discord (start / stop / restart / kill / update). Instructions to install as a plugin available at the link. (Developer key required) GitHub - winglessraven/AMP-Discord-Bot: Discord Bot plugin for AMP
GatekeeperV2 An encompassing Discord bot to bring AMP features to Discord such as Console and in-game Server Chat along with the ability to manage each instance via slash commands. Available in a standard AMP install in the instance creation drop-down. (No developer key required) GitHub - k8thekat/GatekeeperV2: Update to Gatekeeper