Why did you pick AMP?

Hey all - we’re aware that as users, you’ve actually got quite a few options to pick from in terms of game server control panels. Of course we’re really happy that you chose AMP!

For those of you who tried out or researched other options before settling on AMP, we’d love just a short sentence about what it was that made you ultimately pick AMP compared to the other options! We’ll be sharing some of these via our various outlets and using them to help guide the direction we keep going in :slight_smile:

We’d be grateful to anyone who left a comment in this post with their answer for why they picked AMP over other options they looked at!

Because amp allows you to purchase one time and be gold for the amount of servers even allowing multiple machines and the second reason is the wide support of games on both windows and Linux. (A lot of panels don’t support windows ) Also to point out the other windows solutions like “windowsgsm” don’t support remote access that well. Amp is just fully fleshed out and reliable though it has its quirks sometimes.

Ease of installation combined with the large variety of supported servers. Tried a few other panels before AMP and they all left me wanting in some way, AMP was the first that did everything I needed, without fighting me along the way. Essentially every issue I’ve ever run into has either been my fault for not reading, or the game servers fault, I don’t think I’ve ever run into a bug with AMP itself.

Capability to run native on Windows (so many servers like Conan that use Unreal Engine run better on Windows than say Docker Containers or Linux through Wine). Ease of updating for amp instances / game servers. Ability to extend functionality if needed. It’s been completely bug free experience for me at least, and when an instance miss behaves on an update I just tell it to update a few more times and it works :joy:

I picked it solely for the Windows support, as an enterprise customer there are a few games that ONLY support windows and cannot run under WINE, and no other panel offered this. There are still a lot of bugs running AMP on windows in this config, namely the difficulty in update management (I wish I could upgrade via a button in the controller and it would update TOOLs as well would make management of many many windows nodes a lot easier). But the responsiveness of the AMP Dev team has allowed me to have continued faith that windows enterprise support will get better.

The “It just works” factor is the biggest thing for me along with actual paid staff who actually answer questions on discord when you have them.

At no point when interacting with it do I ever think “Damn, this is a pita”.
It does what a game panel should do, it hosts games for you and gets out of the way.

Game support and ease of use. It’s open enough to allow things like mods and file editing without command line, but it’s not so open that I have to dig through massive guides that are only clear to a Linux guru to have aeverything work.

In short: It’s very nicely balanced between user-friendliness and open expansion. All without a subscription.

One time payment licence and ease of use and setup

i’ve tried 2 different programs before settling with AMP. the other ones were nice, free, somewhat easy to use but lacked what AMP brought to the table. i went into the discord to assess what my future with AMP could look like and was sold with what i saw. the ablility to make servers for games i enjoy(+), the technical service i seen on discord(+), having fun with friends and new commers(+). i was sold, the world was my battlefield, granted some times i have to put in alot more work setting up a server for my game but thanks to the masterminds at AMP CubeCoders, they are able to help me out and solve my situation. just wish there was a better play book for some instalation instructions that are outlined for folks like me that have knowledge, but dont grasp the complexity of setup. but all in all i would and have recommended this to a number of friends that want to host there own personal servers.
thank you all at CubeCoders, even the mods and helpers.

Low price, easy to use, and lots of games.

I used to use NodeCraft for my Minecraft stuff and when I was looking for a tool that was self hosted with similar UI design I found AMP. After looking into the flexibility of AMP I was sold.

One-time purchase, and it’s so easy to spin up so many different servers for the family.

“Hey, I want to play XYZ” - ten minutes, a server’s running and we’re playing… it’s great.

Back before I was a Linux nerd I tried to install Pterodactyl (at the time they didn’t have an easy docker install), and in the end I had managed to bork the entire OS install (mostly user error I’m sure). After a reinstall a friend recommended AMP and I’ve been sold ever since.

  • One time payment
  • Nice User-Interface
  • Tons of features that bring a lot of QoL for managing servers
  • All of the above probably was the reason a big community could grow that increased the possibility that new games with dedicated server support get supported by AMP pretty fast (at least for Enshrouded I experienced that first hand)

But the reason for my very initial purchase was that I read a guide about setting up a Valheim server that mentioned AMP and the fact that it is a one time purchase only. And normally I read past guides that recommend paid tools to the free options. But the fact that AMP was a one time purchase got me interested and the fact that it supports multiple games, servers and OS’s sealed the deal for me.

And my upgraded license I bought due to the upgrade discount paired with the 11 year anniversary discount.

Like everyone else said, ease of installation, game support, and one time pay. It’s also easy enough to configure a game server whenever I want without figuring out what does a file do and such. This is pretty flexible to use despite of being a steep learning curve (role wise), so it makes everything so much easier to run and set up a server.

Other panels that does require me to install by running commands one-by-one (WHY?? Can’t they just give us a option to use 1 command line to install everything like AMP has?), and the fact they force us to figure out what is our IP and put our IP + port(s) manually before creating a server which is too hassle for my taste. AMP basically took care all of them without a problem which is an excellent experience for me.

Thanks for making server host a lot easier for us!

I started with the old MCMyAdmin2 app which at the time was the only thing doing Minecraft very well. Over time the product offered just became better and better with more features and games supported.

As others have said it generally just works. When it does not it gets fixed quickly or I find out the problem existed between keyboard and chair.

Your team offers very good support through discord and the community there works well together. Sometimes a product is significantly enhanced by the community around it and AMP seems to have a great community. I’ve only been mocked when I did something remarkably dumb. :stuck_out_tongue:

The cost for the features and the continual improvements make AMP a no-brainier for me.

I’m a huge fan of OpenSource and have looked at other options that are in that space but they’ve never really seemed compelling. I could save a few bucks a month but it never seemed worth it.

Also, AMP is pretty. Pretty is more compelling than it should be.

I chose AMP due to its large game support, and the ability to manage my servers while I’m away from home. I am still working out a few kinks I have with AMP, but overall is my go to for a Server Manager. I still have 2 other managers going but that’s because I could not get one of my servers migrated over properly, and the other is not supported in AMP (aka Atlas)

Good support from other super users,
robust system,
fairly easy to use,
not over the hill expensive.

And I got it recommended from another user.

Wishes for the future :slight_smile:
Customizable GUI (mostly the sorting of instances-.
In CS2 the console commands: Status, Maps *, Ds_workshop_listmaps, etc. should be fixed to at least look like in the log file or even better like in CSGO.

Hands down best staff. Went with the competitor for a long while. They only have it working in Linux and only via docker. You know the company. The other guys knowledge base is horrible and their customer support is awful. They belittle you and tell you to go online, which says to go do Discord, where they then tell you to go online. AMP is different. They are patient, friendly, give you direct answers and most importantly treat you with respect.

I opted for AMP due to its numerous advantages. It offers compatibility across multiple operating systems, user-friendly interface, comprehensive guides for specific setups and getting started, a supportive community Discord for assistance, regular updates facilitated by an owner who actively engages with customers for feedback, modern UI design, robust security measures, and scalability.