Why did a recent update result in me getting an email about overprovisioning?

I hadn’t used AMP in some time, but I had 6 instances that were shut down on my server. Then I created a 7th instance for starbound a few days ago. Shortly after, I received an email saying my license only allowed for 3 instances (when I bought the license, it said 3 installations). Was there a licensing change or was this a mistake? This felt like a money-grabey sort of thing that I wouldn’t have expected from cubecoders.

I’ve since bought the 50 instance upgrade; I don’t mind supporting the development. Just curious as to what led to this and I haven’t seen much mention of licensing aside from fixing deactivation issues.

Edit: If it makes a difference, I was using Decadus (I think 2.4.4) at the time of receiving the email. I’ve just let it update to

AMP has always been licenced by the number of instances. It has never been by installations. This is reflected for example in this 2018 Snapshot of the website from archive.org which shows “3 AMP Application Instances” and the wording has remained consistent since then.

What has changed is we fixed a few bugs in the licence tracking server-side to give us more accurate information, so we started sending the emails out again.

A mere 0.12% of issued licences were sent reminder emails that they were over-provisioned, so definitely not a money grab. Just re-enabling something that was previously there but wasn’t working correctly. We’ve been in the process of modernizing parts of the licencing system (hence the swanky new HTML emails and new licence manager page) so getting this working was a side effect of that work.

Hope that clarifies the situation for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification. The license I had was from 2016 and the wording I got in the old email mentioned 3 installations, and wasn’t sure when the terminology changed. Was well before the fancy HTML emails, for sure.

The website in 2016 did also make reference to instances rather than installations, but back then each individual AMP instance was a separate installation (Technically this is true today, it’s just better hidden). The emails back then probably didn’t have the best wording since it was the same licence system built for McMyAdmin 2.

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