WHMCS Integration Problems

OS Name/Version:
Ubuntu 20.04.4

Product Name/Version: (Always use the full version number - not ‘Latest’)
AMP Release “Halimede”
v2.4, built 31/08/2022 04:00

Problem Description:

I’ve Set up the WHMCS integration.
With every Order, the Instance gets setup correctly.

But there are two problems:

  1. I can’t access the amp instance confiuration from WHMCS, because using the link generated, I just get thrown to a log-in screen.
  2. Sadly for now there is now way for me to have a Public IP directly connected to AMP, but I have a Public IP with 1:1 NAT on it. Sadly in the info panel on WHMCS it shows its local ip, not the public ip. Any way around that?

Steps to reproduce:

-New install
-Connect WHMCS Integration
-Setup Callback
→ Cant login using generated URL

Actions taken to resolve so far:

-Tried different configurations of Auth URL
-No Log output that I could see (Log-level: 0)

Enterprise deployments are not officially supported behind a NAT. We do have some changes coming to handle the fact that a different presenting IP/domain may be used for targets though so that will probably solve this issue when it’s available.

In the mean time, we don’t have any particular workaround for this situation. So all I can suggest right now is altering the email template to include the correct address.