What's the best way to update a curseforge modpack?

For example; I’m currently running atm8 1.0.21b but I’d like to get it up to date. I got AMP running a few months ago, but haven’t needed to do much with it since, which means it’s awesome, but it also means I’m no pro so go easy on me!


I am currently setting atm8 in amp what am I supposed to do to get it to boot?


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First step: Take a backup!

I usually create a backup of the server or at least of the world if it gets damaged. Then I delete the mods and config folder and upload the updated version of the modpack. If I did any manual changes to configs, I do them again. But it depends on the modpack update. Just try it and check if your world is still working :slight_smile: If there are any problems, you got a backup :wink:

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