What's coming in AMP 2.5 'Callisto'? (Coming Soon)

You may have noticed that it has been longer than usual since our last significant AMP update. That’s largely because AMP 2.5 is a fairly significant upgrade with many new features and enhancements.

Most of these features are built and are currently undergoing testing prior to release.

Configuration Importing

One of the things that has always been difficult with AMP is taking an existing, configured game server with all your chosen settings and getting it to run in AMP, largely because AMP wouldn’t be able to read your existing configuration files - forcing you to re-do all of your custom configuration from scratch.

AMP 2.5 allows you to import existing configuration files into AMP automatically for a number of supported file types for applications based on the Generic module. Support for this feature has to be enabled on a per-game basis and it requires that the game configuration in question uses automatic mapping within AMP for settings, but this covers a wide variety of games.

RCON Improvements

AMPs RCON implementation has been rewritten to make it more durable and reliable. This will address issues in a number of games that could cause the console in AMP to become unresponsive and prevented AMP from tracking games in certain situations.

Recovery Mode

Previously a Linux-only feature, Recovery Mode is now available for Windows systems. This helps make sure that if AMP is not running or unresponsive that you’re not simply left with a blank screen or an unhelpful ‘unable to connect’ from your browser.

Container Swap Control

You now have the option to directly control the available amount of swap space for a container instance. This helps reign in misbehaving applications with memory leaks and reduce their impact on the rest of the system.

Global Scheduler Variables

We’ve made the scheduler more useful by adding extra variables to the scheduler beyond those that are exposed by the trigger in use. This includes things like the uptime, CPU usage, or number of active users. We plan to expand on this feature to allow modules to add extra variables as they see fit.

Faster loading for ADS

ADS used to load a very large amount of data (several megabytes in fact) every time you opened the page, which slowed things down as the browser processed it. Now, ADS simply loads a summary of the data so only what’s actually shown to the user is fetched. This significantly improves load times and responsiveness when first opening up AMP.

Smart Backup Exclusions

Backups are great, but figuring out what files and directories should be omitted and then manually configuring those exclusions was a time consuming and annoying process. Smart Exclusions is a new feature of the Generic module which means that after AMP first successfully updates a game, all the files that were downloaded on that first update are automatically excluded from future backups, leaving you with just the data and files that were created after the server was started - automatically ignoring common extensions for log files as well.