What is my seed?

OS Name/Version: Windows 10

Product Name/Version: Amp Minecraft Java 1.20.2
Problem Description:

Please could a Minecraft expert here tell me how to find my world seed? In Configuration->Server Settings, it says the seed is CubeCodersPowered, but if I type seed in the console window, or /seed in the chat window in-game, it returns seed [0]

Which is it?


In the game, CubeCodersPowered gets translated into a number that the game uses for generating. Strange that you’re getting [0] though

Yeah, it is strange. Is there a way to reliably work out what it is?
Entering CubeCodersPowered in to Chunkbase kind of matches the world, but not quite, which is why I was checking in the first place.

A bit of a strange way to do it, but the quickest way I can think of would be to spin up a singleplayer world in creative (using the same version of MC) and input CubeCodersPowered as the seed, then run the /seed command from there.
Assuming you don’t have any mods/plugins effecting worldgen, things should line up.

An alternative idea would be to download the world/level.dat file and use an NBT editor and you should be able to see all the world’s metadata

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