Welcome to the new Forums!

We’ve taken the step of moving away from our old forums (based on a modified version of the now-defunct MVCForums) and moved over to the far-more-modern Discourse platform!

Naturally you have a few questions:

What happens to the old forums?

They’ll soon be placed in read-only mode and permenently archived. We’ll then check which posts are showing up frequently in search results and make sure they’re represented either here in the wiki.

Why can I only register with a social login and not a local username/password?

Information you don’t keep can’t be compromised. So we’ve added logins for a number of popular login providers to free us from having to worry too much about users who share passwords across services.

It also helps a lot with spam, since we won’t have to maintain a list of throwaway email providers and we can move some of the ‘don’t allow spammy user registrations’ onto the external providers rather than having to worry about that ourselves.

Why Discourse in particular?

It’s a well supported platform, has great documentation, and lots of cool integrations. We’ve tied it into the Discord server so that new posts get attention there too.

Will any of the old users or data be migrated?

We’re starting with a clean slate here. Mainly because it’d be impractical to migrate all that data over and is why we’ll be keeping the archived forums around for a while.



Lets hope for a good future!


This looks good and clean, I second for a good future

Third :slight_smile:

It looks very slick. Its going to be a good future. :tada:


A lot more responsive seeming too! :+1:

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I look forward to when this becomes like the morning paper. you open the computer and read the last posts before you go to work.

69th, oh are we not there yet? Dam, but I’m loving the new forums.

I have noticed a significant increase in engagement since switching over. Definitely a good call. People seem to like the social logins too.


yes. i very much like the social logins. thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah mate, it’s been a good call indeed. Ugh 10 characters required…

So let me get this right? This website is providing my steam games servers? Correct or no?

We do not provide servers. We provide management software that you install on your own server, that you either physically own or are renting from a server provider such as OVH, Linode, Hetzner, etc. AMP makes it easier to install and manage game servers on the machine(s) you have.

I enjoy this form better although getting help is going to be a bit tricky because of the two sources :slight_smile: