We need the Game soulmask in amp

Can we have soulmask in amp i want make a server :sweat_smile: :grinning: would be nice to have it loos like a nice game thanks for your support


is not working
i did all of them but i dont see any greelan instance
i updatet the instance i started amp new

I tried it also, not working for me either.

Greelan/AMPTemplates:dev is stuck in consol you can see is not working

Fetch Latest
Press the Fetch Latest button several times

i did
lot of times
is not working

Technical Support

Send an article in the correct format to technical support and wait for the official answer.

Just a heads up, the devs screwed up when compiling the dedicated server files and missed out on 3 dll’s,


You’ll need them from the root install folder, copy and paste them to:


and the server will start. Not sure about AMP, haven’t tried it yet.

Template already deals with that

I got template installed, but still with no success running the server properly, still missing the files, although I tried to root them myself I am currently running Linux so my route is:


This still the same? I am doing something wrong ? Please advise.

Talk to support and they said Soulmask its not yet supported by my VPS. Currently on Linux.