Veloren auto-update?

So, I have a veloren server running in a separate docker compose stack right now and am interested in moving it to AMP. The stack includes a Watchtower container that scans the docker hub for updates to Veloren, pulls it down and restarts the server to keep it up to date.

How can I do this on AMP? The only auto-update feature I see is for SteamCMD.
I really like the ability to access the console of the game server without having to SSH into the VM, then docker attach to access the CLI.
That along with seeing the number of players etc.

As it currently stands the Veloren config fetches the Nightly version of the game - so in that case you’d just schedule a nightly update at a quiet time and let it restart itself.

so just set it to restart every night? The config shows a weekly update cycle not nightly

Update, not restart. There’s a task to update and restart the server in a single operation. You can set it for whatever interval applies via the scheduler.

ill give it a go. Maybe I wont have to run it in a VM.

EDIT @Mike
It appears the server is set to run Nightly updates not Weekly. How do I fix that?

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