VALHEIM world saves

OS Name/Version: Zorin Linux

Problem Description:

Im new to AMP, started a Valheim server and cant figure out where you can put your world saves at. I found where you can change to the .db file to load under config\server, but cant figure out in file manager where the files should go.
thanks for any help

In the data\worlds directory.

thanks for the reply Mike, is it possible that AMP never created the folder? . What is the parent folder supposed to be? I see a valheim_server_data folder, but no worlds folder in it. Maybe AMP never created the folder? if this is the case, what would be the fix? I logged into my linux box and used nemo and could not find a world folder either.
thank you,

You have to start the server at least once before it’ll exist. Then it’ll just be visible in AMPs file manager.

have started several times as I was changing settings, I can try deleting instance and making a new one to see if that helps, if not what would my next step be?

Show me your file manager tab

Im currently at work, will send when i get home

heres my file manager

Deleting instance and making a new one fixed it!