Valheim World Saves (Docker Deployment)

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu Linux 22.04.2
CPU 4C/4T ; 24GB RAM; 100Gb Disk

Product Name/Version: AMP v2.4.5.4, built 14/07/2023 19:3; Valheim version: 0.216.9 (network version 5)

Deployed in Docker via AMP

Problem Description:
World autosaves are filling up the docker container eventually consuming 100% of available space impacting the root volume of the linux host. Once 100% is hit the console shows SQL error writing to logs and effectively locks up the game. Can still access console for AMP and OS.

World Saves happening about every 2 minutes for .db and .fwl but never purge or overwrite filling up the available space (48GB). Am going in and deleting them once a day and considering a cron job to do this but the behavior started recently so assuming there is a setting or this is a bug.

Is there a way to configure overwriting to limiting backups to a set number?

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