Valheim server wont start after enabling valheim plus

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OS Name/Version:
Windows 11 Pro

Product Name/Version: (Always use the full version number - not ‘Latest’)
AMP 2.4.4

Problem Description:
so please bare with me as im not an expert, just trying to have fun with some friends!
I can create an instance for valheim, update and start the server no problems. i even jumped into the game just to make sure it was working properly. after backing out i go to manage my instance, go to configuration - SteamCMD and updates - install valheim plus (Which includes BePinEx). i go to update the server and try to start it only to see these errors appear while trying to start up…

ArgumentException: Undefined target method for patch method static bool ValheimPlus.GameClasses.Chat_AddInworldText_Patch::Prefix(Chat& __instance, UnityEngine.GameObject go, long senderID, UnityEngine.Vector3 pos, Talker+Type type, string user, string text, string senderNetworkUserId)

Rethrow as HarmonyException: Patching exception in method null

at HarmonyLib.PatchClassProcessor.ReportException (System.Exception exception, System.Reflection.MethodBase original) [0x0006c] in <474744d65d8e460fa08cd5fd82b5d65f>:0

ERROR: SymGetSymFromAddr64, GetLastError: ‘Attempt to access invalid address.’ (Address: 00007FFF031169DA)

0x00007FFF031169DA (UnityPlayer) (function-name not available)

ERROR: SymGetSymFromAddr64, GetLastError: ‘Attempt to access invalid address.’ (Address: 00007FFF03114EAB)

0x00007FFF03114EAB (UnityPlayer) (function-name not available)

ERROR: SymGetSymFromAddr64, GetLastError: ‘Attempt to access invalid address.’ (Address: 00007FFF03119D6B)

0x00007FFF03119D6B (UnityPlayer) (function-name not available)

0x00007FFF0311B0AB (UnityPlayer) UnityMain

ERROR: SymGetSymFromAddr64, GetLastError: ‘Attempt to access invalid address.’ (Address: 00007FF685B111F2)

something to note, after disabling the valheim plus option, the errors dont go away. i usually have to delete the instance and start a new one to be able to get the server to start. please help

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Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1 start fresh valheim instance, update server
  • Step 2 in config - steamCMD and update enable valheim plus
  • Step 3 update server again and try to start it (Where the error appears)

Actions taken to resolve so far:
not sure what to do and i can’t find a specific solution to this problem

I hate to break this to you mate… Valheim plus is dead and gone. The mod is not able to run on the latest version of the game as it hasn’t been updated. The mod’s home website ( has now been purchased by someone else. - Don’t visit the site; malware has been reportedly found there I don’t think the author is interested in resuming it.

I remember coming across a reddit thread somewhere that suggested various tweak mods that can help you customise the game to your liking. If I can find it again I’ll let you know.

TLDR, this isn’t an AMP issue.

RIP V+ :frowning:

Edit: found the page I was looking for: GitHub - AzumattDev/Valheim-Plus-Replacements: Curated list of replacement mods for Valheim Plus.

Hope this helps you out.

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The V+ repo has been forked and the latest AMP template gives the option to select it. From what I’ve have read the original V+ author is having personal issues and has taken a break. They may resume development. In the meantime the fork is available and working

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Oh, that’s awesome!

Sorry, I didn’t know about the fork. Forget what I said then. :smiley:

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This post explains the website issue: Valheim Plus - File topics - The Nexus Forums

Rather than being sold, it looks like it has been re-registered by a malicious actor after the original domain registration expired.

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i am both relieved and upset about this BUT at least i know it has nothing to do with amp or my end on this. also now i need to check my computer for malware =/

thanks again! i have been stressing out over this all weekend

Not a bad idea to run a scan, however if you’ve been keeping your system up to date (and you didn’t download/run anything), you should probably be OK.

I hope whatever is going on with the Dev works out in the end and they make a return. Although they are probably going to have to pick a new domain name sadly.

Are you going to try out the forked version of the mod as per Greenlan’s response?

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yes im attempting it now actually…
creating a new instance…
updating server…
updated just fine so im going to start it up and make sure i can access it at this point, havent added V+ yet
server works as expected, going to added v+ forked and update…
so far so good it started up with no errors and i was able to join in the game so ill keep playing with this and if anything happens ill make other post. thank you so much!

oh one thing before i leave; the forked version by Grantapher, this is the mod i would require the players to have to play on my server, correct? this is what was labeled under valheim source and searching it took me to the mod on nexus mods for this version. just wanted to clarify! thank you again!

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