Valheim server with Valheim plus installed - Cannot remove password


I have installed a Valheim server and the Valheim Plus mod using the AMP UI but disabling the password requirement through the AMP UI has no effect. This is because AMP doesn’t seem to remove the -password argument when starting the server. Leaving the password empty is not an option either.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Install the server and enable Valheim Plus through the SteamCMD menu.
  • Update the server.
  • Enable everything in the first 2 lines under Valheim Plus - Server Settings.
  • Password still required
  • Remove the password through the UI
  • Server not starting

Could you please have a look at it?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: I found out that we can actually edit the startup arguments of any game by editing the module’s kvp file. This file needs to get edited either through sftp or through the AMP’s file manager otherwise it will get reverted to default settings. Anywho I got it working now, thanks.