Valheim server setting wont apply in game

OS Name/Version: Win10

Product Name/Version: Valheim

Problem Description: Changing server settings in instance manager isnt changing them in game despite them showing as saved.

Actions taken to resolve so far: Created the instance, server is running fine both internal and external access.
Tried changing a few server settings, they state saved but nothing applied in game.
Did a server restart, still not applied.
Now looking for the config file locally to see if i can manually add the changes but unsure where to find the .bat or if it will even work.

What change are you making? Some settings are only applicable to modded servers.

Mainly the settings around fires/torches not needing top ups and also removing limitations on where you can build.

Entirely possible these are mod only changes and i didnt realise.

That’s V+. And you have to enable the relevant setting section.

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