Valheim server not appearing in game server list, can't connect locally

OS Name/Version: Windows 10 Home

Product Name/Version: AMP v2.3.4, built 22/02/2022 10:57

Problem Description: I’ve done a succesful local install of AMP, and I’ve successfully uploaded an existing world to the file management space. I’ve confirmed via console that the world is loading successfully and the game is active, BUT, **I cannot see the Valheim game server “Rydian Raiders” in the Server List, ** nor can I connect to the game via the link in AMP. I also can’t see it through a separate Steam account on my husband’s computer at home, too.

I’ve confirmed my local TCP UDP Port Forwarding rules are in place, they are also in place for my Wifi and in place for my Comcast Router.

If I take the link in AMP, Valheim will startup locally, but then after I enter the password I will get a Failed to Connect error.

Am I missing a step or somehow sabotaging my own setup?

Yeah, im in the same boat… everything checks out, but regardless if i join thru amp, steam server list, or direct connect thru valheim, it tries to connect, but tells me failed to connect also.

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I had the same issue. The link that Mike from AMP has shared righfully asks you to look at the networking for the installation and your instances as that is probably the issue however what worked for me was related to networking but in AMP settings:

In the networking tab in AMP before you have made your instances, made sure to set your “Docker External IP”, “Default AMP IP”, “Binding and Default Application IP Binding” to the IP address of the machine that is running AMP and the IPV4 that youre going to setup firewall rules for in your router.

If you dont have this set before you create your instances then the instances are not bound to look at your IPV4 address of the machine running AMP in my example its

From the routers perspective i have set any incoming singal trying to get to the valheim ports to go to the machine with the IP of

You’ll know if the binding has worked as when youre looking at your instances home page you’ll see the IPV4 address of the machine running AMP as the “endpoint” shown on the thumbnail for the instance and when you single click on the valheim instance.

Well i dont think that’s going to work for me… from what i’ve gathered with my new ISP is that because its sub contracted thru At&t, they use “double nat filtering” ??? and so my public ip assigned by them rotates every couple hours. so i’ll have to constantly change that, and no, i asked to get a static one, i’d have to use a enterprise plan. and thats double the price… :confused:

Which is weird… like 7 days to die… outside the house, no one can connect unless i connect to it first… then i can log off, and it stays up no issues until they need to reconnect…

Idk… its been kinda frustrating figuring some of this stuff out… aside from these issues (which aren’t AMP’s fault) I love the program… Worth the money. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work guys.

You can use a Dynamic DNS provider to have a domain name that points to your home IP even when it changes to get around this.

I would suggest routing your traffic from your domain to cloudflare then having cloudflare point to your home address for your game services. You can run a script (there are many helpful tutorials on this online) this script will run in your network and update the public IP address registered with Cloudflare whenever it changes, i have my script scan every minute to look for a change. Some days my public IP address changes a couple of times, seemless connection.

depending on your platform i can somewhat help with this, mine is on ubuntu.

i used this tutorial to setup the script;

I’ll look into it, i appreciate it. :slight_smile: