Valheim Plus Instance - lots of errors, unable to start

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 22 X64 Server

Product Name/Version: AMP Release “Halimede”
v2.4.0.6, built 29/09/2022 16:10

Problem Description:

Fresh Installation of Ubuntu + AMP Server Software. Created a brand new instance and choose Valheim Plus. Unable to start the Server, lots of errors shown.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1 Install your server with Ubuntu 22 X64 Server version without GUI
  • Step 2 Install AMP Server via command line
  • Step 3 Login to AMP Server software
  • Step 4 Hit Main Menu / Instances / Create Instance
  • Step 5 Choose Valheim Plus and hit Create instance
  • Step 6 Enter Instance and hit Start
  • Step 7 Wait for Server to be downloaded from Steam
  • Step 8 Once the server is started, enter Console to see the errors

Actions taken to resolve so far:

Valheim (non-Plus) Server works fine. Minecraft + Terraria too. Valheim Plus seems to be the only Server that wont start.
I tried to find a way to fix it but didnt find a solution. I downloaded the Valheim Plus package from and copied the whole files to the server directory, but the files seem to be up to date and this didnt solve the issue.

For any reason I cant upload images :frowning:
Thx for help

Not an AMP issue I’m afraid, this is one to take up with the game server and/or mod developer.

hmm…I´m confused. Valheim Plus is in your list…i didnt mod AMP server or anything else. So do you support Valheim Plus or not?

ValheimPlus is a mod - it is not the official version of the game by the developers. We support AMP - if there’s a problem with the mod itself, that’s not something we have any control over. The output you’ve shown me indicates a bug or problem with the mod or game itself, so you need to take that up with the mod or game developer. This kind of thing might happen if the mod developers have not updated their mod for a recent game update for example, it’s not in our hands - we can’t fix problems in software we didn’t write.

V+ have No release for the new Valheim Patch yet. so its atm Not compatible and you cant use it

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@ gOOvER

thx…so I can downgrade the server version and it should work again or wait until V+ is up to date?

Thx for this information :+1:

Either use the plain server, or wait for V+ to be updated.

So if I dont want to wait for the V+ team to patch their software:

What´s the last server version that works with V+ and how can I tell AMP to download this old server files that worked with V+?

Is it “Release stream” under “SteamCMD and Updates” section? It´s at “public” by default?

As today a new version of Valheim came out…it seems to be a good idea to download a specific server version in AMP and update only if the V+ mod supports it. Client-side I can choose the version in Steam Client…but how to choose server version in AMP?

Thx for help

You would have to use default_old as the release to avoid the issue. The new release includes Playfab networking and has been causing all kinds of issues even in the vanilla game.