Valheim - game port not open

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 22.04.3

Product Name/Version: AMP version 2.4.6 - 20230809.1

Problem Description:
Created new instance on Valheim, and AMP will not open Game Port 2456 UDP

Application is running, and users can not connect. Please help advise how I can update to open this port

Actions taken to resolve so far: I have restarted the instance. I am new to AMP and am unsure how to procees for narrowing this issue.

Right click on the instance, view logs

Here is the log in pastebin: AMP LOG -

Crossplay is likely the reason. Others have reported the same

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That was it, thanks @Greelan

I’ll have a search for solution to enable crossplay. Now its off I am assuming XBox users will not be able to connect

Try setting a better password, at least 5 chars and not simple.

Your logs don’t have this:

Joined PlayFab Party network with ID "74999a4a-5c42-4eda-b411-8a4b9d225dd2|AwBExEAEWcr4GnBJr4pQCDMV/Us/LEF1c3RyYWxpYVNvdXRoZWFzdAAAB3miEpapxSC+Owo1h8qJ5NuEOmtS0oeJqq8h6q5ybZZrblJkbnM4MWU1LTFmMmQzN2JhLTM2ZTctNGUwYi1hMWJiLTcxZThiMjlkNjFlMC5hdXN0cmFsaWFzb3V0aGVhc3QuY2xvdWRhcHAuYXp1cmUuY29t"
Created PlayFab lobby with ID "a8348ab6-457d-41ed-a76f-174994881a82.r-20230509", ConnectionString "cv2:a8348ab6-457d-41ed-a76f-174994881a82.r-20230509|451107|kv1:oXeY7CCj53rTuumI/qRIPYGAQWYMZC/oaROv067SE8M=" and owned by "49520EE0EBA596AD"
Session "My Valheim Server - Powered by AMP" registered with join code 836703
Session "My Valheim Server - Powered by AMP" with join code 836703 and IP is active with 0 player(s)

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