[Valheim] Enable to connect on Valheim Server

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 20.04

Product Name/Version: (Always use the full version number - not ‘Latest’)

Problem Description:
AMP Release “Halimede”
v2.4.0.10, built 27/10/2022 18:15

I’m pretty new to creating server with AMP and it seems I’m not able to succeed so far (I follow the youtube video you created).
I create a Valheim Server Instance.
I opened ports 2456 and 2457 on my rooter
The ports are in LISTENING state on the instance

The instance is shown in list of server and if I click on connect to server in the panel, Steam open up and ask me for the password of the server.

But, it’s trying to connect and after sometimes, come back to home page of Valheim and show Impossible to connect.

Can you please help me on this part or at least point me to a topic that can help ?

Have you tried connecting in-game?

Yes, it’s really this part that not working.
I launch the game, select my character, enter my server info (IP + Port) and that’s go black, show Connection and then after few times, come back to the home page of the game.
I even tried with the connect to server button on AMP to be sure that’s the good info and from the communotary server (Where I can see my server) and have the same behaviour.

If you’re in the same network, are you using your LAN IP address to connect?

After few more tests, yesterday evening it worked well. And I can connect to Public and Private IP. Sorry for bothering.