Valheim crossplay not working

Hi folks i have recently created a oracle cloud server on ubuntu 22.04 and installed amp on it. I wanted to create a valheim server so ive created a new instance updated it run it and it worked. However when i tried to change to crossplay it wouldn’t connect with the server with a prompt saying unable to connect. When I turned off crossplay i could join normally.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue if you have any ideas please fire away

Many thanks, Szfaagier

Apparently crossplay needs extra packages.

Try as root:

apt install libpulse-dev libatomic1 libc6

YMMV on ARM, tho

Hi buddy I’ve already tried installing these packages with no luck, what do you mean by ymmv? I am running ubuntu on aarch64

YMMV means “Your mileage may vary”. On ARM - you’re using Emulation to run applications. There’s zero guarantee that applications will run the same way without that emulation.