V Rising template update

What’s new?

For those running V Rising servers, modding support has been added to the AMP template today.

At this stage it is for Windows only. Support will be added for Linux as soon as it can be accommodated in AMP’s Docker images.

To get the latest template and apply it to an existing V Rising server, follow the instructions below. Note that the server will take some time to start up the first time after BepInEx is installed, while it is set up - don’t be concerned if your server appears to stall for a while with no console output.

To get the latest template:

  1. Go to Configuration->Instance Deployment and Fetch Latest. (Do this on controller and targets if using that setup)
  2. For existing instances - right click the instance and Refresh Configuration.
  3. Manage the instance and update the game server inside the instance using the Update button.