V-Rising Rcon Automatic restart announcements

How would I go about announcing automatic restart using the rcon features in V-Rising Server?
The Rcon docs can be found here for V-Rising:

The current config doesn’t support RCON, I shall look into it.

It is supported in if you update ADS, make a new instance, and transfer your save.

I installed AMP for the first time yesterday so I guess I have the new version that includes this.

How do you implement it so we get server messages in game?

I’m very new and I’m on Linux. Both are brand new experiences so please be gentle :joy:

Appreciate any help

You can type the commands in the console or using scheduled tasks. Just put the command and the message.

Do you know which one? There’s several in the drop down box?

Is there any documents about AMP that I could read for how to operate it?

Much appreciated

“Send a command to RCON / console” then for the command type announce Your message here.

Oh, and the wiki is here for many things. But not every detail is documented.