V Rising - Create ENV variable for Wine

I need export system variable in Docker for activate mods with wine.

export WINEDLLOVERRIDES=“winhttp=n,b”

If this possible? Can you help me?


You can add it to App.EnvironmentVariables in GenericModule.kvp for the instance, like this:


But others have tried it on Discord and it hasn’t helped: Discord

Yep, It really doesn’t work ;(

Before I had the server on a docker container and it worked perfectly… any future solution?

Share the docker container where it worked?

Of course, it’s not mine but it works perfect

Thanks! I don’t see anything too crazy in that. It won’t be today, but I can play around and try to get it working.

Maybe try it without the double quoting:


The double quotes are how other guides did it. But the key that’s missing I think is the winecfg and wine prefixes.

Maybe. But in other contexts it is just setting a var, so quotes would be common. AMP should handle that.

I don’t know what’s special about these specifically but everywhere they are quoted when the other vars are not. AMP leaves things unquoted by default.

You’re probably right - it would be the equals sign

Ok, now work BepinEx.

I make this changes in GenericModule.kvp:

App.LinuxCommandLineArgs=–auto-servernum --server-args=’-screen 0 640x480x24:32’ wine64 ./VRisingServer.exe


Now i test mods and tell us if work.

The App.LinuxCommandLineArgs should have been fine. That’s the same thing as it was essentially.

I change in GenericModule.kvp:

App.LinuxCommandLineArgs=–a wine64 ./VRisingServer.exe

and BepinEx Crash, this is log:

[Message: Preloader] BepInEx 6.0.0-be.567 - VRisingServer
[Message: Preloader] BLEEDING EDGE Build #567 from 5d77398a5c3a707ae6de0eb7121d0b8cc5a53b0c at master
[Info   :   BepInEx] System platform: Windows 7 64-bit
[Info   :   BepInEx] Process bitness: 64-bit (x64)
[Info   : Preloader] Running under Unity v2020.3.31
[Info   : Preloader] 0 patcher plugins loaded
[Info   : Preloader] 0 assemblies discovered
[Message:AssemblyPatcher] Executing 0 patch(es)
[Message:   BepInEx] Chainloader initialized
[Fatal  : Preloader] System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): Failed to reserve address: 0x7F3160200000: Invalid address.

  at BepInEx.IL2CPP.Hook.Allocator.WindowsPageAllocator.AllocateChunk (System.IntPtr hint) [0x000f2] in <20831d408969472ba3d48658d4a1512f>:0 
  at BepInEx.IL2CPP.Hook.Allocator.PageAllocator.Allocate (System.IntPtr hint) [0x0008e] in <20831d408969472ba3d48658d4a1512f>:0 
  at BepInEx.IL2CPP.Hook.Allocator.WindowsPageAllocator.Allocate (System.IntPtr hint) [0x00000] in <20831d408969472ba3d48658d4a1512f>:0 
  at BepInEx.IL2CPP.Hook.FastNativeDetour.GenerateTrampolineInner (System.Int32& trampolineLength, System.Int32& jmpLength) [0x00045] in <20831d408969472ba3d48658d4a1512f>:0 
  at BepInEx.IL2CPP.Hook.FastNativeDetour.GenerateTrampoline (System.Reflection.MethodBase signature) [0x0000e] in <20831d408969472ba3d48658d4a1512f>:0 
  at BepInEx.IL2CPP.Hook.FastNativeDetour.GenerateTrampoline[T] () [0x0004a] in <20831d408969472ba3d48658d4a1512f>:0 
  at BepInEx.IL2CPP.Hook.FastNativeDetour.CreateAndApply[T] (System.IntPtr from, T to, T& original, System.Nullable`1[T] callingConvention) [0x0002c] in <20831d408969472ba3d48658d4a1512f>:0 
  at BepInEx.IL2CPP.IL2CPPChainloader.Initialize (System.String gameExePath) [0x000e4] in <20831d408969472ba3d48658d4a1512f>:0 
  at BepInEx.IL2CPP.Preloader.Run () [0x00290] in <20831d408969472ba3d48658d4a1512f>:0