Upload custom world and question on ports

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 20.04

Product Name/Version: AMP - 20230830.1

Problem Description:

I am running Minecraft Bedrock on Amp and quite new to it.

I have 2 things I struggle with:

  • uploading a custom world

  • instance ports

Steps to reproduce:

For the custom world I checked: Mario kart - Luigi Circuit - Boat racing (JAVA & BEDROCK) Minecraft Map

However, this does not really explain how to only upload a custom world. What I did is:

  • stop the server
  • upload the zip folder to the Minecraft folder as ‘Mario’
  • change the configuration “Level Name” to ‘Mario’ in Server settings
  • start the instance

The instance spins up, I see a folder ‘Mario’ being created in the ‘worlds’ folder, but when launching the game I see it generated a new world like it would y default

What an I doing wrong? Any other settings in server settings / world generation/ type I need to change?

My other question about the ports is that I had trouble spinning up a 2nd instance in AMP. I get crashing with errors like MC stopped after 5 seconds and I found in the logs that the ports 19133 may already be in use.

My first instance was running on 19132, so I assumed 19133 would be ok for the 2nd instance.

However I found in server properties of the 1st instance.

Any chance to disable to auto assignment of the ‘next’ port for ipV6? I am not using ipV6 in my network, so would prefer to have instances one on 19132, instance 2 on 19133, etc…

Thanks a lot,


The port issue would be from the automatic LAN detection if I remember correctly (takes up 19133), there should be a setting to disable that in AMP.
For the world things, I’m not so sure, I’ve seen some people import worlds fine and some have issues.
Did you upload the files using AMP’s file manager/SFTP, or did you copy the folder in using the operating system’s file manager?
If you used the system’s file manager, then file perms would’ve been messed (assuming you weren’t logged in as the amp user), but that can be fixed with: sudo ampinstmgr fixperms


Yeah, for the port thing, I was assuming there should be a setting in AMP to disable network detection on ipv6 etc, but can’t find it.

For the world, I used sFTP client ( FileZilla). I checked the file permissions and they look ok, similar to other instance.

Will try fix perms anyway. Thanks

What’s weird to me is that it does seem to create the world folder in the ‘worlds’ folder, with the custom name of the folder I uploaded to the ‘Minecraft’ folder one level higher.

Minecraft folder:

  • Mario (the sFTP uploaded folder with the custom world)
  • worlds (initially empty as I deleted the old ‘world’ folder as a test)

Start instance, it starts:

  • worlds folder now gets a ‘Mario’ folder with the 3 files:


But the world generated is the same as a default one.

Should be labeled as ConfigurationServer SettingsEnable LAN Visibility

When using SFTP make sure to use AMP’s SFTP ports (in the upper right of the web file manager), as port 22 will nuke file perms. (just a sanity check in case this could’ve been something)

If all the file perms are in check, and the world names line up, then this is about where my know-how drops off, I don’t manage Bedrock servers all that often.

Thanks a lot for trying to help!

Yes the permissions are ok, and the names match.

Just tried another custom world I downloaded, same behaviour.

For the ports the LAN Visibility is disabled, but new instances still put the next up port in the server config. That is not a big deal I can just skip one port.

Will focus on the world issue, digging in further.

If someone has some ideas on what I’m doing wrong, please let me know.

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