Update from to rendered the central instance unresponsive

OS Name/Version: Windows Server 2019, Version 1809

Product Name/Version: →

Problem Description:
My main instance is on version, and my child instances are on, while the newest one I made is on

So, I saw an notification asking for me to update my AMP instances, and so I followed them. In the AMP panel, I clicked the “update” button, but then it told me to do it manually through the AMP Instance Manager.

So, I updated all my instances through the AMP Instance Manager and no errors appeared; everything seemed to have went off without a hitch.

Then, inside the AMP Instance Manager, there was a prompt to update the instance manager itself, so I clicked it and it opened Chrome to grab the MSI with the latest version.

I upgraded that, and the installation went off without a hitch too.

Now, when I open the instance manager, it opens an embedded Chrome window to something that isn’t running on localhost. My child instances (at least the ones set to auto-start) are still running fine, but the main instance no longer has a web interface that works (but still starts up).

I also can’t login to the child instances since the main instance is “down”.

Also what happened to the support pages/wiki?

https://wiki.cubecoders.com/ is still there, hasn’t moved.

Run ampinstmgr status to check what’s going on, and you can use ampinstmgr lastlog to check the logs of the ADS instance after trying to start it.

I’d also suggest trying the following: Something not working on Windows? Try the following: - #4 by Ashlyne

Thanks, that works!

The alternative was to just back everything up and reinstall, but thanks for saving me doing that :slight_smile: