Unable to restore backup

Windows 10 Pro / 22H2

AMP/ - 20231206.3

Problem Description:

When clicking ‘Restore Backup’ on the backups page ‘Confirm Restore’ window pops up. After clicking the ‘Restore Backup’ button no notification is displayed and nothing happens.

I can see from the audit log that the command has been registered but no activity follows on from this and the backup is not restored.

Actions taken to resolve so far:

  • Restarted AMP
  • Upgraded AMP
  • Repaired AMP install
  • Tried to download the backup file from file browser but encountered error:

Client-side databinding failed. If you’ve just upgraded AMP then you should first try clearing your browser cache.

Advanced Details

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘value’)

  • Cleared browser cache

Can you paste all the information from the Support tab for the affected instance please.

┃ Key                  ┃ Value                               ┃
┃ Operating System     ┃ Windows - Windows 10 Pro on x86_64  ┃
┃ Product              ┃ AMP 'Decadeus' v2.4.6.10 (Mainline) ┃
┃ Virtualization       ┃ None                                ┃
┃ Application          ┃ Minecraft                           ┃
┃ Module               ┃ MinecraftModule                     ┃
┃ Running in Container ┃ No                                  ┃
┃ Current State        ┃ Ready                               ┃

|Platform|Windows 10 Pro|
|System Type|x86_64|
|CPU Model|Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700T CPU @ 2.80GHz|
|CPU Layout|1S/4C/8T|
|Installed RAM|16273|
|Module Application|Minecraft|
|Loaded Plugins|FileManagerPlugin, EmailSenderPlugin, WebRequestPlugin, LocalFileBackupPlugin, CommonCorePlugin|
|Application Name|AMP|
|Application Version||
|Tools Version||
|Release Stream|Mainline|
|Build Spec|Release|
|Build Date|06/12/2023 17:17|
|Last Executable|./Minecraft/bedrock_server.exe|
|Last Arguments||
|Last Process ID|1852|

Can you try downloading it via SFTP?

Hi Mike, yes I can download the backup via SFTP and then unzip and transfer back the world files. I was just trying to figure out why the restore feature wasn’t working. Am I doing something wrong?

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