Unable to login to instance - session belongs to

OS Name/Version: Windows Server 2012 R2

Product Name/Version: 2.3.3

Problem Description: I am unable to login into a particular instance. It’s the only instance on this node. I have a controller instance, and two server instances. The other server instance has no issue and I’m able to manage it. But this server instance allows me to passthrough from the controller instance, but when I try to manage the Minecraft instance on it, I get “ADS failed to provide a login token” and the console repeated displays the message below. The log for the minecraft instance I’m trying to access shows nothing beyond the normal startup messages.

This instance was accessible a few weeks ago when I set it up. I have upgraded AMP versions since then, and all instances are on 2.3.3. (I don’t know if this issue related to the upgrade, but I’d thought I’d mention it.) tried to use session ID e4941e52-a2f8-49dc-b38f-123cffb12c35 - but that session belongs to

Actions taken to resolve so far: I’ve used the ampinstmgr rebind procedure I saw on another thread, but that’s not resolved it

Is AMP configured in Standalone mode?

No, it was initially, but I reinstalled it as a target and it was working

Run ampinstmgr repairauth target http://CONTROLLER-ADDRESS:1234/ replacing the URL with the URL of the controller.

Gave that a try, no change

What was the output of the command?

‘’‘PS C:\Windows\system32> ampinstmgr repairauth target
[Info] AMP Instance Manager v2.3.2.10 built 21/04/2022 19:32
[Info] Release spec: ReleaseNoUpload - built by CUBECODERS/buildbot on CCL-DEV
[Info] Reconfiguring Instances…
[Info] Reconfiguring MinecraftVanilla…
[Info] Done!

What happens if you manage that instance separately? (Right click → Manage in new tab)

that works, interestingly.

Do a full logout from your user settings in the top left, then log in again and try and manage it normally.

So, if I manage the Minecraft instance directly from the controller, it passes through and works. But I manage the target server first, then try to manage the minecraft instance, I get the error. Strange, but I’m happier now that I can get to it :smile:

Aah that is expected. Only controllers can manage instances right now :slight_smile:

Noted! Thanks for your help