Unable to create new Minecraft Java Instance

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OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 22.04

Product Name/Version: (Always use the full version number - not ‘Latest’) AMP

Problem Description:

I can’t create new Minecraft instances in my AMP installation.

Console Output in Debug level when I try to create the Instance:

StartupMode: StartApplication, OneShot
Autoconfiguring instance...
Autoconfiguring instance 9c45b7af-1a77-4b03-8a5c-0493c77574e5
Setting FileManagerPlugin.SFTP.SFTPIPBinding to
Setting MinecraftModule.Minecraft.ServerIPBinding to
Using port 8082
Using name Time2001 (Time 2.0)
Setting FileManagerPlugin.SFTP.SFTPPortNumber to 2223 (Skipped Port)
Setting MinecraftModule.Minecraft.PortNumber to 25565 (Skipped Port)
Autoconfiguration Successful
User: amp
Home Dir: /home/amp
Create Instance Failed: The core archive failed to download or unpack: Failed to find a release matching the specified version: LTS/ - This version may no longer be available to download, you should update to a newer version.
Task Create instance (Minecraft) ended: Acknowledged
Task Create instance (Minecraft) ended: Acknowledged

Support data in “Support and Updates”:

OS	Linux
Platform	Ubuntu 22.04.3
System Type	x86_64
CPU Model	AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor
CPU Layout	1S/2C/4T
Installed RAM	23718
Virtualization	HyperV
Module	ADSModule
Module Application	Application Deployment
Loaded Plugins	FileManagerPlugin, EmailSenderPlugin, WebRequestPlugin, LocalFileBackupPlugin, CommonCorePlugin
Application Name	AMP
Application Version
Codename	Decadeus
Tools Version	2.4.8
Release Stream	Mainline
Build Spec	Release
Build Date	29/01/2024 18:40
InstanceID	4d8adf65-9a2c-4ce1-b594-acd8cfede985
Last Executable	
Last Arguments	
Last Process ID	1540

Ubuntu version:

Linux srv-minecraftamp 6.2.0-1019-azure #19~22.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jan 10 22:57:03 UTC 2024 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Steps to reproduce:

  • Login into webinterface of AMP
  • Click Instances
  • Click Create Instance
  • Choose Minecraft Java Edition

Actions taken to resolve so far:

  • restarted AMP
  • restarted server
  • changed IP binding in Configuration → Networking to instead of bindng to specific IP
  • checked for updates of AMP
  • gave the VM 24222 MB RAM
  • stopped the other, only minecraft instance
  • rearmed AMP license
  • checked diskspace:
root@srv-minecraftamp:~# df -h
Filesystem                         Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
tmpfs                              2.4G  980K  2.4G   1% /run
/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-ubuntu--lv  122G   52G   65G  45% /
tmpfs                               12G  4.0K   12G   1% /dev/shm
tmpfs                              5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock
/dev/sda2                          974M  255M  652M  29% /boot
/dev/sda1                          511M  6.1M  505M   2% /boot/efi
tmpfs                              2.4G  4.0K  2.4G   1% /run/user/1000


ok, i found the issue:

Although I’m pretty sure I never changed this setting so it worked in the past with “LTS” as setting - or it came with an update of AMP.

Is this a bug that it does not work with LTS as setting?