Unable to create instance or move from instance page

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OS Name/Version: Windows 10 pro

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Problem Description: Whenever I attempt to create an instance in amp I get the message I attached in the image, along with this if I click on any menu options the page does not change.

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Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1 Start either the amp program or go to localhost:8080 and log in
  • Step 2 click on create instance choose any game and then start the instance.
  • Step 3 Error message pops up.

Actions taken to resolve so far: Reinstall AMP, log out of AMP, reinstall Net Framework, restart PC, reforward the port.

There doesn’t appear to be an attached image?

I accesently posted it before I finished filling it out, but the problem just resolved itself for some reason after I stepped away for an hour… Sorry.