Unable to create and start Garry's Mod Dedicated Server

OS Name/Version: Linux, Debian 11
Product Name/Version: AMP Release “Decadeus” v2.4.6.10

Problem Description:
Upon creating a new GMOD instance in AMP, making sure the server IP address was not, and confirming the server type is “Garry’s Mod Dedicated Server”, I am unable make the instance continue with server creation. Attempting to press update and allow the server to grab/build components does nothing, and pressing the Download/Update button under “server type” also actions nothing, neither on the notification pop up or in the console.

When pressing start, the instance provides the following output:
The file for the SRCDS game you are trying to launch does not exist. AMP is looking for ./srcds/4020/srcds_linux but cannot find it.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Deleted the entire instance, and recreated it under the “Garry’s Mod” template
  • Changed the config to make sure an IP is selected
  • Confirmed the GMOD Dedicated Server option is selected, and pressing Update/Download to try to allow it to install server components.

Actions taken to resolve so far:
Searched for existing help articles, and made a less detailed help request in the discord server. I don’t seem to be able to find a page that explains a similar issue. Most other users have issues with startup or network AFTER the server has been built.

What does the console show after hitting update on the Status page?

After hitting update, it shuffles for a second.

Then in the console there is nothing that has output:

Can you paste the contents of the support tab please?

Thanks for your quick responses, Mike. I have popped to the support screen, and tried to copy the data to the clipboard but nothing gets put into my clipboard for me to paste.

OS 	Linux
Platform 	Debian GNU/Linux 11
System Type 	x86_64
CPU Model 	12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12500T
CPU Layout 	1S/6C/12T
Installed RAM 	39793
Virtualization 	None
Module 	srcdsModule
Module Application 	Source Dedicated Server
Loaded Plugins 	FileManagerPlugin, EmailSenderPlugin, WebRequestPlugin, LocalFileBackupPlugin, CommonCorePlugin
Application Name 	AMP
Application Version
Codename 	Decadeus
Tools Version
Release Stream 	Mainline
Build Spec 	Release
Build Date 	06/12/2023 17:17
InstanceID 	84679c3f-c3ca-4c14-95f3-c79f58e4d445
Last Executable 	./srcds/steamcmd.sh
Last Arguments 	+runscript steamscript.dat
Last Process ID 	2427626

I am not sure if this is any help, but I have copied the table of information below the copy data button.

When you installed AMP did you pick the option to install the 32-bit dependencies?

Hi Mike. Apologies but I can’t recall if I did or not. Is there any way I can check?


You can check in /root/AMPSummary.log I think the file is named?

Hi Mike. Thanks for being patient.
It seems I did not install the 32-bit dependencies.

I have installed these now, and it looks like srcds is installing the Gmod files fine.
Once it has done so, should it then be as simple as starting the server?

Upon pressing start, it states it is ‘Starting’, but is again not outputting anything to the console.

You will need to fully restart AMP after doing this for it to pick everything up. A reboot may be simpler.

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