Unable to connect to server

OS Name/Version:
Ubuntu 22
Product Name/Version: (Always use the full version number - not ‘Latest’)
Decadeus 2.4.2
Problem Description:

I have setup a minecraft bungeecord/waterfall server. And after setting up the proxy, I am unable to connect to the server either through my domain or directly using the ip address of the server.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1: the exact problem is unknown
  • Step 2
  • Step 3

Actions taken to resolve so far:
I have reinstalled Amp and the http server, no change. I have tried changing the ip address to multiple options, i.e.: the amp ip, my pc ip, and my public ip.

Seems like a basic sanity check, but could you double check the port in the Bungeecord’s config.yml? Bungeecord defaults to port 25577, so there may be a mismatch internally.

omg definitely a sanity check. Wasn’t that, but realized that my other desktop shares the same external ip when connected to LAN. I can connect just fine when using my phone as a hotspot.

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