Unable to connect to AMP via web browser

OS Name/Version: Tiny10 (Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC, 21H2)

Product Name/Version: AMP Instance Manager v2.4.6.6 built 05/10/2023 11:57

Problem Description: I looked through and it seems others have had this issue, when ever I try to access AMP Instance Manager via web browser it says “This site can’t be reached, ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”

Actions taken to resolve so far: Opened firewall, Port forwarded, restarted pc

This is my first time using amp so I’m pretty sure its user error

I had the same issue and what I did to at least resolve it this time was to open task manager and kill the AMP processes. After that in File Explorer find your CubeCoders Limited install folder and then double click the InstanceManager.exe. It came up for me after that.

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