“Two-factor setup failed” Error

OS Name/Version: Windows 10 Server

Product Name/Version: AMP Instance Manager - v2.4.1.2

Problem Description: First started could not log into the panel it told me the authentication failed and i had to go to disable it from the config and i forced 2fa on all my users, at least i was logged in on one of my browsers and could change the 2fa from required to optional. so i could log in with my account and when i went to enable the 2fa again it says that my authentication failed and just not do anything.

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1: login with user details on login page
Step 2: entering the code to the 2fa
Step 3: failed authentication

Following with, the next steps

Step 1: On logged in browser went to configuration and to security tab and disable the 2fa required to optional
Step 2: Went to account settings
Step 3: Click enable 2fa and follow the prompts
Step 4: Scanned QR Code into my Authenticator app
Step 5: Typed the code it gave me
Step 6: Failed Authentication failed box pops up after i clicked submit

Actions taken to try resolve so far:
Uninstalled and reinstalled the amp and still does the same thing after the installation

Reset your login details to clear the 2FA flag:

i have done that too on the first one, Just did it to now and it still doing same thing when i want to enable the 2fa.

What authenticator app are you using?

i am using

and it works fine as all my other authentications does not give me a problem