Trying to import existing ATM8 server

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Windows 10

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I’m trying to follow your “How to import an existing Minecraft Server into AMP” guide, but I’m stuck. The server is using the All The Mods 8 pack, and so far I’ve;

-Made a top level zip of the server (which only has the install.jar, more on that later)
-Made a new minecraft instance in AMP
-Uploaded and extracted the top level zip via the file manager in the instance I created
-right clicked on and selected “import configuration”
I only have forge-1.19.2-43.2.11-installer.jar in the top level, so one issue is I’m not sure which jar to use… I have a couple ideas of what I might be looking for, such as “Minecraft/libraries/net/minecraftforge/forge/1.19.1-43.2.11/forge-1.19.2-43.2.11-server.jar”
or possibly
but as a noob I’m also wondering if it’s

either way, right clicking on any of these as suggested in the guide doesn’t give me a “set as startup jar” option. I thought maybe that’s because it’s not in the top level folder but right clicking forge-1.19.2-43.2.11-installer.jar in there doesn’t present that option either.

Could someone give me a hand with how to proceed? I’ve run dedicated servers on a pc in my home for years, but I’ve never tried to use a product such as AMP, so ELI5 in that regard!

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Actions taken to resolve so far:

Set the server type in AMP to Forge, set the forge Version to match what you’re using, and the startup jar to Automatic.

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