Try to startup amp

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windows 10
Problem Description:
i had used amp last week, and had a amp update than, i wouldnt update i got a message.
i tried to open amp instance manager now, yesterday, and i wouldnt open anymore.
i got awhite screen that i had to look at firewall or proxy, i dont use proxy and my firewall is ok, but now i did as mike wrote, this Stop AMP fully by running ampinstmgr stopall in a new command prompt.
Use Task Manager to make sure all AMP.exe and AMPService.exe processes are stopped.
Download a fresh copy of AMPSetup.msi - and run it in Repair mode.
Run ampinstmgr upgradeall in a command prompt.
Reboot the system
After this, everything should be working fine.
i get a black screen with amp is not working properly, and nothing works anymore, i am no technisian, i am not english person, so i dont understand all, and its not working anymore, helppppp

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Steps to reproduce:

 * tried to start
 * updating (didnt work}
 * did all the things above

Actions taken to resolve so far:
all i wrote above

Is AMP actually running? Check by running ampinstmgr status in a command prompt.