Trouble getting started

Having a little trouble getting started. Appears that I’m loaded up and working on my Linux machine. I followed the YouTube video tutorial and have an instance of valheim loaded. I click the manage button, then configuration, then server. I have a server name set as well as password. I click back and then to the status section. I start the instance and it shows as running. I click the update button and restart. When the instance restarts and is running I still can’t connect from a second computer. I’ve tried connecting to the instance name, as well as the correctly typed server name. I’ve also tried to connect using the IP address but that just gives me a failed to connect.

Are the necessary ports forwarded in your router? you can check the ports AMP wants forwarded by right clicking the instance and clicking on “Edit Port Bindings”

Thanks for the quick reply. I grabbed the ports (there were 3 with a custom port that was unlabeled. Created a port forwarding service with the router. Still no dice. Setting this up on Linux.

Which port are you connecting on? The default for Valheim is 5678

I’ve used a few! I put in 5678 as well as the 3 that I found when I did the above suggestion. Just reloading the software and will give it another try.

I have the exact same issue. Have there been any solutions?

The default port that the module makes is not 5678 btw but 2456. I did attempt to change the instance port but connecting is still not possible. The ports appear as closed in the instance even though the are allowed in the firewall no matter which one is configured in the instance.

Had a similar issue trying a linux GSM version. Other game servers work fine. Is there like a known bug for the Valheim Dedicated server?

Can you show me the status page for the Valheim instance?

Sorry for the late reply. I assume you mean the status bar on the side?

No - double-click the Valheim instance box (or click the Manage button) and you’ll have a status tab on the left.

You may want to take a quick look at this: Creating a Valheim server the easy way using AMP - YouTube

Indeed i was missing steps. Thanks a lot. It works now.