Transfer servers from Windows to Linux

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OS Name/Version: Debian 12 I believe (previous server was Windows 10)

Product Name/Version: Decadeus / (cannot confirm window’s version, but not latest)

Problem Description: I am trying to transfer the instances from windows to linux. The problem lies in the fact there is no runnable for linux to detect (since windows uses .exe)
Instances have transfered successfully and show up in the management panel, but I cannot start any instances. I “believe” I tried updating in the command line, but I am not fully sure.

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Steps to reproduce:

Actions taken to resolve so far: Not too much that I can remember. I believe the update command errors.

so you need to use the docker containers setup if you installed docker support when you setup amp. If you didn’t don’t worry, you can after you installed amp with going to the root user with sudo su -l and then typing getamp installDocker. there will be some configuration that you will need to do and setup after the fact.
now what you can do is if you still have a backup of all your servers is to re setup every instance as a fresh one with docker support enabled on your panel and have AMP set it up and then upload the maps/worlds/saves after.

Thank you. I do have the original server still which is good. The original didnt have docker but the new one down. Ill do this once i have time

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