Traefik as Reverse Proxy

How can I configure Traefik for AMP? I want to forward a Service (Dynmap with one subdomain) and 2 Applications (2 Minecraft Server/Instances with one subdomain each) over Treaefik to over Treaefik to over Treaefik to (maybe i will change that later)

I cannot access the Management Instance even after reboot. The DNS Record was made over 72 ago…

I need help

Ubuntu 22.04.01 LTS
AMP Professional

Looks like your domain name for Traefik isn’t a wildcard domain. It would typically be something like * as per the settings description.

Ah… I will change that… I did generate a Wildcard Certificate with Let’s Encrypt…

Is there a Guide for setting up Traefik for AMP? What do I have to do during the installation?

I’m afraid there’s no guide, it was shoehorned in as a beta feature because a couple of people requested it but I’ve personally never used Traefik and don’t know anything about it other than you could do some of the configuration automatically by adding the appropriate flags to the Docker containers.